Monday, August 8, 2011

A second for relaxation and blogging....

Hey guys! It's me, Morgan and great news, I'm back! Sorry I have not blogged in a while. I have been on vacation after vacation. And it feels like I finally have one second to relax. Let me take you on a world tour of my latest adventures. My first trip after Costa Rica was a vacation in Missouri 9 hours away from where I live. I learned how to play a new card game that's really fun! Swim in Big Creek and went on a big canoe. I have also been back to school shopping and I have this really cute bag that's black and purple plaid. I also went on vacation with my friend Riley from Oklahoma to the Hyatt Hills County! I got my hair braided, swam in a lazy river, and had the time of my life!

Happy Blogging,


Sunday, July 3, 2011

Costa Rica - the time of my life!

The best summer vacation this summer was Costa Rica. It was a long flight over the Pacific ocean but when we arrived and the airport we got stamps on our passports! The airport was the smallest airport I have ever seen! It also had fans the size of school buses! In Costa Rica most people spoke Spanish, so it was a hard time finding where to go. But somebody on a piece of paper wrote my dad's name and he took us to our hotel. He drove us 30 minutes down the road to Guanacaste, Costa Rica Pappagaya Bay. We got a hotel room not far from the pool at Hilton Resort. Now I'm going to name the top best and worst things that happened in Costa Rica.

Top Three Best Things That Happened In Costa Rica:

1. I learned how to zip line! I zipped through the trees like a monkey! And plus we saw monkeys! Howler monkeys 100% the time. Howler monkeys are the one's that howl. Well... duh. When we were done I got to hold monkeys! That was a blast!

2. We got a suite! But this suite was different. It had a backyard with a Private hot tub, two lounge chairs, and a beautiful ocean view. It was the life! But we had to switch rooms. You will find out why on Top Three Worst Things That Happened In Costa Rica.

3. Live Starfish! We went on a walk along the side of the beach. And we played a little game. You try to find really big crabs, pull them out of the water, and if they don't move in three seconds time, we throw them in the ocean! But if they do move they our free to go. Then we started pulling over rocks to find big crabs. Once we pulled over a rock and didn't see crabs but starfish! Living Starfish! Maybe 15! Now you don't see that every day!

Top Three Worst Things That Happened In Costa Rica

1. Bug Attack! Something happened in our first room... I opened the shower curtain and screamed! There were maybe 30-40 bugs (ants) in our room! There were some in the shower, light bulb, shampoo and conditioner, sink, towels, everywhere! Dad still made me take a shower! Through small screams I took the quickest shower possible. I got out of the shower and ran out of the bathroom! And that's why we switched rooms.

2. Call a doctor! Who knew water polo could be dangerous? I was playing water polo in a shallow pool and cut thee bottom of my feet. Blood stained the towels it really hurt.

3. Last but not I can't think of anything so here's another good one face paint! (Picture's are at the top of page)

The End

Monday, June 6, 2011

A Long Way To Go

The last day of school has passed. Next year I will be a fourth grader. In third grade I made some good friends. Different directions will be taken. Different careers will be picked. Friends will leave, no matter how close they are. Tears will fall till the last drop. You may be going so far you can't put it on a map. You might be so clever you advance to the next level. But wherever you go you are still the same. We might be far, but we still have miles to go. No matter how far away you are now, your still right here. We still have a long way to go...

Have a happy summer,


Monday, May 30, 2011

Kung Fu Panda 2

Austin and I have been taking Karate lessons for the past month. Very fun! We are taking our first belt test soon and we are ready to become yellow belts. Our karate school went to see Kung Fu Panda 2. Austin and I give it two thumbs up!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

more May Fun...

May has been a month full of activities at school and after school. I love all the fun!

Field day
Booster- thon Fun Run
Girl Scout Pottery Class

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

May Happenings...

Me and my brother playing a game of Twister
Mother's Day
3rd grade Musical

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Back To The 80's

Once Upon a Time or...

...Thursday, Austin, my mom and I went to go see back to the 80's. It was one of the Creative Kids plays Mr. McCoy does. My friends Drew and Jordan were in it. They were both Valley Girls. The story line was: These kids and a baby (or really a baby doll) got lost in time and went back to the 80's, and they try to rescue the baby who has been stolen. Dun Dun Dun... At the end during bow session they played the song The Time by the black eyed peas. I sat on the floor or the "first row" next to Paul's sister Domi. And Callie who is in my mom's class. It was a good play.

The End

Saturday, May 7, 2011


Jet's soccer season ends with a win!

Egg Drop

Mr. McCoy throwing my contraption off the roof!

Friday, May 6th 2011 all of 3rd grade had to do the egg drop project. The egg drop project is where you have to get some kind of container to put your raw egg in so when Mr. McCoy drops it off the roof the egg will never crack when it hits the ground. I did a PVC pipe cube with no walls, it was the size of one inch under 2x2x2x. We took seranwrap and diagonally wrapped it around two pipes. Then we wrapped seranwrap around the egg. We put it between the two pieces of seranwrap and it was done! When Mr. McCoy threw it off the roof my box broke! I picked it up and my egg did not crack! But my box did though.... I'm just happy my egg survived!
The End

Monday, April 25, 2011

JoJo (a.k.a Jordan)

I was watching Wall-E on my big screen TV when.... I had the MOST awesome idea of all time! "MOM!................... Can I call JoJo!" (a.k.a Jordan.) "OK" mom agreed. So I picked up the phone and called her mom. She answered and handed the phone down to Jordan. I had to walk out of my kitchen to hear her over the loud washing machine. She said she would come over as soon as possible. I continued to watch Wall-E when the doorbell rang. I opened it and Jordan and her mom stepped into the room. Jordan and I walked which turned into a run upstairs. I opened my door and Jordan sat on my furry zebra chair. I sat on my normal choice, my bed. First we talked, and talked and talked and then the doorbell rang again- "WAIT! sorry I forgot a part, rewinding please wait... -and talked then I had another genius idea." We should make feet families!" I blurted out right in the middle of Jordan's sentence. "What!?" she looked confused. "First" I said like I didn't even hear her. "You take your shoes off! Next, you get washable markers. Then, you draw faces on every one of your toes. In the end you have a happy family on your feet!" So for the next 15 minutes or so we drew and drew. After our feet moment we went downstairs. We played my X-box 360. Jordan picked her favorite game, kinect sports, party play mode. We both picked our mascot to be the alien. Jordan was red team, and I was blue. In the end, I won! 350 to 450. Just as we started the round 2 party the doorbell rang. Jordan and I walked to the door and her mom stepped in. Jordan stepped out as her mom guided her down the patio. My mom closed the door and locked it. Jordan and her mom hopped into her car and drove off, farther and farther every second. I pressed my nose to the glass. As mom called "Dinner!" .

Here's to say,
LYLAS! (love you like a sister!)

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Saturday night, everyone came over to our house for dinner. We were celebrating Omi's Birthday. We ate in the back yard, played on the swings and had fun with my little cousins, Mya and Hanna.

FC Gold

I'm not the best at goalie but I'm also not the worst. That's right, we were playing FC Gold at a soccer game. They were the league winners before us last year and I think they pretty much lost it. I was playing goalie and they were scoring on me. Well, not exactly. Most of the time it was either they missed it or it was goal kick or corner kick. I was very very very nervous in goalie because I had to play goalie half the time. Payton (sorry if I don't spell it right) had something going on with her body and could not make it to the game. And she is one of the best goalies! Anyway, I had fun.

P.S. I have a game tonight and I think I know who's in goal, Ugg.... Stay Tuned!

Saturday, April 2, 2011


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Sunday, March 27, 2011


Saturday, I had some crazy fun things going on.

Here’s the details:

Drew’s Party

Drew had her b-day party and we did some wacky things. First we had a doggie race where you get a real dog bone and you race on all fours. But Drew’s little brother ate one of the treats and that was an awkward moment. We had a three legged race, a pie eating contest, and a pass the yolk game. But we also had a game where you balance a egg on a spoon. At the end of that game we had a egg fight and I got egg in my hair, my leg, arm, and clothes! I took a long shower when I got home.

Austin’s Game

Austin had a soccer game and Omi, Pops, and Hanna came. I got some cute pictures and all Hanna really did was sleep because of the sun. Now I thought, all I need is sleep too.

Tree Climber

Friday night I finally mastered climbing the tree in the front yard.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring Break

Here are pictures from a few of my Spring Break adventures. We went to Houston for a few days and got to go explore at my favorite Children's Museum.Then my friend Riley came in town from Oklahoma. Their family came over to our house for dinner and we had fun. I also got to go to Chuck E. Cheese with my friend, Jordan and ended the break with a bike ride and bird watching on the trails with my mom. Good times!

Can you find the beautiful red cardinal in the tree?

Monday, March 14, 2011

Off Roading

Spring break has started! Nothing major planned but a few fun outings so far....Saturday, I got to go to Main Event with my Mom and Dad while Austin was at a birthday party there. I invited my friend, Drew, to come along. We all played laser tag and lots of games.

Sunday, we went off roading in my mom's jeep. Bumpy fun!

We are taking a short road trip to Houston. Indoor pool, children's museum and the local park. Then we will be home to hang out for the rest of Spring break.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Tower of Pillows

Last night me and Austin were goofing off with pillows. Austin stacked all of the pillows in a pile and we took turns laying under it. Then each of us sat on the pillows to put more weight on it. In was fun but I nearly split my head off 2 times!!!!


Tuesday night or two days ago I went back to school to show mom my invention. In Quest (a class I take in school) we invented items made out of recycled items. I invented a toy called the “Water Pack.” The Water pack is a backpack full of water. Pick up the plastic tube with a nozzle on the end. If the nozzle is turned to “on” water will squirt out of the tube. But if the nozzle is turned to “off” the water will no longer squirt. If you run out of water unzip the zipper in the backpack and fill up the jug. Sponsored by Dr. Pepper and Albertson’s. (not really) You can buy the water pack for $19.99 plus tax. (The water pack is really not for sale) I also made a video and made it into a commercial on Microsoft Movie Maker. It was fun to see other inventions and hang out with Drew and Rachel.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Weekend projects and fun

Freezing temps for soccer on Saturday followed by my cousin's wedding on Saturday night and a slumber party. I had a blast at my friend's slumber birthday party but I am not operating on four hours of sleep. Sunday, my mom and I spent ALL day shopping and working on my California State in a Box project. We are almost done and I am pretty proud of the outcome. I am also excited that Spring break is just around the corner and my family might go on another road trip. I also saw mom and dad planning a summer vacation. Bahamas? Costa Rica? Caracos? Jamaica?.....something fun and beachy is in our future!

Monday, February 28, 2011

A Couple Basket

Last night or 2-27-2011, I had a basketball party at Kincaid’s hamburgers. All of my basketball teammates were there: Allison, Cameron, Rachel, (not Rachel in my class) Katie, Olivia, Eva, Caroline, Grace, and Michelle. (Sorry if I spelled a name wrong or worst forgot you. We sat down to a hamburger or hotdog. Then we helped our self to two mini cupcakes per person. Then Coach Dan gave us our medal and picture. They were not pro. pictures because the day of our pictures there was a big (but not too big) fire. So the coach’s wife took pictures of us on the court, practice, and any good time possible. After we ran around playing tag on the patio for 15 minutes. After the sweating and lots of water,we got home and went to sleep. School was all I thought about. A new week is beginning!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Mystery Continues

Ok friends this is the answer of my post under this. SPOILER ALERT! If you have not read the post under this one please do not read on.

Ok back to business. The answer is…. YES! It is true! If you got it right air five! If you didn’t get it right… oh what the heck air five! Somebody quotes “It’s creepy but quite the ride!”

Well there’s your answer! Stay tuned for “The Couple Baskets” I will write tomorrow!

The Ramp Mystery

Today we were doing our research for our state in the box. (We all research a different state) Well, I got California and I was researching today in the computer lab. Well, I stumble on something that sends me a flying. Because on the site: there was a gravity ramp. Click on the site to learn more about it. It sounds pretty impossible to me. Comment and tell me what you think. Stay tuned to find more about the false or strange but true mystery…

A Few Fun Things...

These are pictures of a few fun things that have been happening with me.
1. Thinking Day for Girl Scouts. My troop studied Denmark.
2. Jump Rope For Heart
3. Me making a free throw shot at my basketball game.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Slight Less Crowded

Today Mom and Dad went on vacation. So they put me and my brother Austin, under the wings of Omi and Pops (grandparents on my dad's side.) We got home from my basketball game (which was tied and I made one goal.) and started to throw balls to Lizzy. (their dog) Then we tried to go to the frizbee golf center but it was jam packed. So we went to the public park instead. We played frizbee golf by hitting the journal first. It was hard with the wind but managed. We got home and we did chalk. We ended up having a big water fight. So next I took a shower and put soap in my hair! Now I'm typing a way. Oh, dinner time! Good night America!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Book Fair Bling

Monday through Friday my school has opened a book fair. I have been buying lots of things especially bling. I have bought a book for my teacher, a handheld sharpener, a bendy pencil that almost never breaks, a eraser the size of 3 inches, another eraser, a bookmark, and The Coke or Pepsi book. (If you don’t know what that is, it is a book that asks crazy and funky questions to ask your friends) There were so many things to choose from. Now you must be thinking:Why did she not buy any books? Well none of the books flickered inside me. None of the books sounded GREAT! That’s why. Well, Bye! Peace, Chow, eat more chicken!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

weekend with friends

On Saturday, I got to see my friend, Jordan. We went out to eat at Mi Cocina.
On Sunday, I invited Drew and Austin invited Barrett to go see a movie. We went to Studio Movie Grill with mom and Omi to see Gnomeo and Juliet.

It was a fun weekend with friends!

100th day of school

This is my class full of superheros as we help out Zero the Hero (Mr. McCoy) on the 100th day of school. We made a special visit down to the kindergaraten hall to count to 100 by 10's.

Double Diapers...Double Duties

On Friday night, we babysat my two little cousins. Their names are Mya and Hanna. Mya is 18 months old and Hanna is 2 months old.

A Heap of Books and Dribble Specs

Mr. McCoy, my teacher, got some books from his Public library for me. He got four books, This Book is Not Good For You, (book 3 from the secret series) and three books from the sisters Grimm series. Those books were: Book 6 Tales from The Hood, Book 7 the Everafter War, and Book 8 the Inside Story. Also from the library at my school I checked out The Doll People which sound good according to Jordan and Sage (my classmates.)

So I went home fully charged and ready to read but I saw these special glasses on the kitchen table. I asked dad and he said they were specially designed so you can’t look down when you dribble a basketball, or at least hard to see. He said they were called dribble specs and pointed his eyes at Austin. I got them for you and Austin to share. Oh I thought he probably got them for Austin. So you get the point of my afternoons, pretty much just reading a book or dribbling with my new specs.e and wearing so

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Breaking Lazy

Today, school got canceled for the 5th snow day and I was like “come on!” I like being off of school every once and a while but after four days last week! You expect me to be lazy at home again, well it gets hard when you do it forever. Because it’s like you’re trapped in your house and there’s no way out. So I’ve been breaking lazy. Basically, I try to not stick around sitting in my house all day, even if it calls for drastic measures. Usually I dance and play kinect sports. And sometimes I practice my push-ups for the fitness gram test. I’ve been trying to get up and break my lazy skills, which can be sometimes hard. (Because I have mad lazy skills) Wish me luck because this is not going to be a easy few days in this cold, icy weather.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Below Zero

Today, Mom, Austin, and I went out into the freezing land of our front yard. It felt like below zero when it was really20 degrees. First, mom had me put on a white shirt and pants, next some jeans and a pair of boots, and after a third layer of a coat, scarf, mittens, and a hat. I stepped outside thinking mom why do I have to wear this? I mean it’s not that cold. But believe me, it was freezing cold. First mom took some pictures (the family favorite) of us playing in the snow. Then we walked down to Jordan’s house and sure enough she was outside. We greeted her nicely and practiced hitting trees with snowballs, but then it all changed. We gave each other a unfriendly look and got our snowballs ready. And, we were off throwing, throwing snowballs and not know where there were going. Battling for everything, darting from tree to tree. I stopped and I heard mom’s voice cry, “Time to go home and thaw out.” What felt like 2 seconds was really 10 minutes. I walked down the sidewalk and vanished into the icy mist.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

New Stuff!

Hey guys it's Morgan and I hope you are enjoying my updated blog. Check out the new vote tab at the end of my every post. With that now you can vote if my blog post is funny, intresting, or even cool. Happy voting,

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Bundled Up, Slipper Shoe Girl

Today was the day I got up and put on some slippers. I walked down the stairs and ate my breakfast filled with pancakes and chips of chocolate. I went upstairs and rubbed my eyes as I played U-build Sorry with my brother Austin. Dad announced he was going to Houston, TX and we had to drop him off at a hotel. He said his friend would be there and drive him the way to the airport. He said get bundled up in a coat, mittens, a hat, and boots. I asked why but he just said “Just in case”. With no more questions I put this on. But when I got to my boots I saw two big holes in each of my slippers. I carefully set them down and thought they can hold. I went down the stairs and hopped in the Jeep, mom’s red Jeep. We carefully slid down the driveway, a breath a second, fear in every drop of sweat. I hold on tight but my brother hands me my DS and I see in his eyes no fear. What’s the point? I play and play trying to step away from feelings around. We get there and my breath falls out. I breath deep as we make our way back. Mom opens the door were home I thought and I race inside.

AND...just found out....SNOW DAY #3 tomorrow!

February Famous Smores

Last night, we made smores on our fireplace. Austin likes his completely burned, but I like mine just a little toasty. We squished the marshmallows between graham crackers with a block of chocolate. The marshmallows were HUGE and made a gooey mess each time we took a bite. After smores, we watched the movie, Secretariat. I went to bed after the movie. I got to stay up past bedtime since it is another snow day!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow Day Means Game Day

Today I woke up and looked at my alarm clock. It read 7:30 and I did not hear my alarm. I thought I must have slept in and looked out the window. Wow! I thought it was snowing! The ground was covered in thick white layers of snow. I ran down stairs and quickly washed up to have breakfast. After I ate my two chocolate chip waffles and hot cocoa (really just chocolate milk warmed up) I ran back upstairs and played on my computer. Then after 30 minutes I heard mom and Austin doing something. I walked downstairs quickly but quiet. They were playing Sorry Spongebob so I joined just before they started. I was Spongebob (my usual) Mom was Squidward and Austin was Patrick. We played until I won (which was the first game because who can't beat a kindergardener.) We sat by the fire ready for the day to go slower.

Cramped Necks

I have had a cramped neck for a whole week now and it’s driving me crazy. Last weekend I had a bad cough and then there was a big knot in my neck. It hurt for three days and then I decided to call for help. So the next day me and mom walked down to Mrs. Smith’s (nurse) office after school hours. She said my big knot is a way my body gets better. She also said it’s where my body keeps bad germs that can get me sick. “It may get bigger but rub it with soft lotion every night and it with get better.” So that night I sat down and rubbed and rubbed. It got smaller, but still hurts. So one thing, wish me luck.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Puppy Paws

On Sunday night, we went over to our friend's house, The Simonion's, for dinner. Well, that’s reason one but reason two was because they got a new dog. They got a small, cute, golden retriever. They named him CJ. It stands for Clem Jr. He is so cute! He looks like the puppy on my computer wallpaper. I loved to pick him up and twirl him around. We gave him his first toy and some homemade dog treats that I made. He is so cute!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Recycling Friday

Today was my first day on the Dragons Green Team at my school. I had to fill out a job application and apply. I am one of the four that got picked from my class. This is a picture of me and my friends, Sage and Soleil on duty.

Monday, January 17, 2011

The Baby Business

Tonight my 1 month old cousin, Hanna, came over so we could babysit her. Her mommy and daddy (Aunt Kari and Uncle Heikki) went to the Stars Game. We first sat down and held her for about 15 minutes. Then we fed her and Skyped our Grandmother (Omi) and Hanna’s sister, Mya. Omi was keeping Mya for the night just as we were keeping Hanna. Hanna is 1 month which is 23 months away from toddler trouble. Hanna is a projectile puker, but is cuddly at the same time.