Sunday, July 3, 2011

Costa Rica - the time of my life!

The best summer vacation this summer was Costa Rica. It was a long flight over the Pacific ocean but when we arrived and the airport we got stamps on our passports! The airport was the smallest airport I have ever seen! It also had fans the size of school buses! In Costa Rica most people spoke Spanish, so it was a hard time finding where to go. But somebody on a piece of paper wrote my dad's name and he took us to our hotel. He drove us 30 minutes down the road to Guanacaste, Costa Rica Pappagaya Bay. We got a hotel room not far from the pool at Hilton Resort. Now I'm going to name the top best and worst things that happened in Costa Rica.

Top Three Best Things That Happened In Costa Rica:

1. I learned how to zip line! I zipped through the trees like a monkey! And plus we saw monkeys! Howler monkeys 100% the time. Howler monkeys are the one's that howl. Well... duh. When we were done I got to hold monkeys! That was a blast!

2. We got a suite! But this suite was different. It had a backyard with a Private hot tub, two lounge chairs, and a beautiful ocean view. It was the life! But we had to switch rooms. You will find out why on Top Three Worst Things That Happened In Costa Rica.

3. Live Starfish! We went on a walk along the side of the beach. And we played a little game. You try to find really big crabs, pull them out of the water, and if they don't move in three seconds time, we throw them in the ocean! But if they do move they our free to go. Then we started pulling over rocks to find big crabs. Once we pulled over a rock and didn't see crabs but starfish! Living Starfish! Maybe 15! Now you don't see that every day!

Top Three Worst Things That Happened In Costa Rica

1. Bug Attack! Something happened in our first room... I opened the shower curtain and screamed! There were maybe 30-40 bugs (ants) in our room! There were some in the shower, light bulb, shampoo and conditioner, sink, towels, everywhere! Dad still made me take a shower! Through small screams I took the quickest shower possible. I got out of the shower and ran out of the bathroom! And that's why we switched rooms.

2. Call a doctor! Who knew water polo could be dangerous? I was playing water polo in a shallow pool and cut thee bottom of my feet. Blood stained the towels it really hurt.

3. Last but not I can't think of anything so here's another good one face paint! (Picture's are at the top of page)

The End

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  1. A monkey?! Was it a chocolate producing one??? 80
    And bugs?! That is gross! Iv'e gotten a pail and found at least 50 mini-crabs. Iv'e also seen a strawberry starfish. But it's so weird. THEIR GREEN!!! And I have been ziplining before. But I had to make it myself. >:( I hope you had a great time.