Sunday, March 27, 2011


Saturday, I had some crazy fun things going on.

Here’s the details:

Drew’s Party

Drew had her b-day party and we did some wacky things. First we had a doggie race where you get a real dog bone and you race on all fours. But Drew’s little brother ate one of the treats and that was an awkward moment. We had a three legged race, a pie eating contest, and a pass the yolk game. But we also had a game where you balance a egg on a spoon. At the end of that game we had a egg fight and I got egg in my hair, my leg, arm, and clothes! I took a long shower when I got home.

Austin’s Game

Austin had a soccer game and Omi, Pops, and Hanna came. I got some cute pictures and all Hanna really did was sleep because of the sun. Now I thought, all I need is sleep too.

Tree Climber

Friday night I finally mastered climbing the tree in the front yard.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring Break

Here are pictures from a few of my Spring Break adventures. We went to Houston for a few days and got to go explore at my favorite Children's Museum.Then my friend Riley came in town from Oklahoma. Their family came over to our house for dinner and we had fun. I also got to go to Chuck E. Cheese with my friend, Jordan and ended the break with a bike ride and bird watching on the trails with my mom. Good times!

Can you find the beautiful red cardinal in the tree?

Monday, March 14, 2011

Off Roading

Spring break has started! Nothing major planned but a few fun outings so far....Saturday, I got to go to Main Event with my Mom and Dad while Austin was at a birthday party there. I invited my friend, Drew, to come along. We all played laser tag and lots of games.

Sunday, we went off roading in my mom's jeep. Bumpy fun!

We are taking a short road trip to Houston. Indoor pool, children's museum and the local park. Then we will be home to hang out for the rest of Spring break.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Tower of Pillows

Last night me and Austin were goofing off with pillows. Austin stacked all of the pillows in a pile and we took turns laying under it. Then each of us sat on the pillows to put more weight on it. In was fun but I nearly split my head off 2 times!!!!


Tuesday night or two days ago I went back to school to show mom my invention. In Quest (a class I take in school) we invented items made out of recycled items. I invented a toy called the “Water Pack.” The Water pack is a backpack full of water. Pick up the plastic tube with a nozzle on the end. If the nozzle is turned to “on” water will squirt out of the tube. But if the nozzle is turned to “off” the water will no longer squirt. If you run out of water unzip the zipper in the backpack and fill up the jug. Sponsored by Dr. Pepper and Albertson’s. (not really) You can buy the water pack for $19.99 plus tax. (The water pack is really not for sale) I also made a video and made it into a commercial on Microsoft Movie Maker. It was fun to see other inventions and hang out with Drew and Rachel.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Weekend projects and fun

Freezing temps for soccer on Saturday followed by my cousin's wedding on Saturday night and a slumber party. I had a blast at my friend's slumber birthday party but I am not operating on four hours of sleep. Sunday, my mom and I spent ALL day shopping and working on my California State in a Box project. We are almost done and I am pretty proud of the outcome. I am also excited that Spring break is just around the corner and my family might go on another road trip. I also saw mom and dad planning a summer vacation. Bahamas? Costa Rica? Caracos? Jamaica?.....something fun and beachy is in our future!