Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Bundled Up, Slipper Shoe Girl

Today was the day I got up and put on some slippers. I walked down the stairs and ate my breakfast filled with pancakes and chips of chocolate. I went upstairs and rubbed my eyes as I played U-build Sorry with my brother Austin. Dad announced he was going to Houston, TX and we had to drop him off at a hotel. He said his friend would be there and drive him the way to the airport. He said get bundled up in a coat, mittens, a hat, and boots. I asked why but he just said “Just in case”. With no more questions I put this on. But when I got to my boots I saw two big holes in each of my slippers. I carefully set them down and thought they can hold. I went down the stairs and hopped in the Jeep, mom’s red Jeep. We carefully slid down the driveway, a breath a second, fear in every drop of sweat. I hold on tight but my brother hands me my DS and I see in his eyes no fear. What’s the point? I play and play trying to step away from feelings around. We get there and my breath falls out. I breath deep as we make our way back. Mom opens the door were home I thought and I race inside.

AND...just found out....SNOW DAY #3 tomorrow!

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