Monday, February 28, 2011

A Couple Basket

Last night or 2-27-2011, I had a basketball party at Kincaid’s hamburgers. All of my basketball teammates were there: Allison, Cameron, Rachel, (not Rachel in my class) Katie, Olivia, Eva, Caroline, Grace, and Michelle. (Sorry if I spelled a name wrong or worst forgot you. We sat down to a hamburger or hotdog. Then we helped our self to two mini cupcakes per person. Then Coach Dan gave us our medal and picture. They were not pro. pictures because the day of our pictures there was a big (but not too big) fire. So the coach’s wife took pictures of us on the court, practice, and any good time possible. After we ran around playing tag on the patio for 15 minutes. After the sweating and lots of water,we got home and went to sleep. School was all I thought about. A new week is beginning!

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