Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Breaking Lazy

Today, school got canceled for the 5th snow day and I was like “come on!” I like being off of school every once and a while but after four days last week! You expect me to be lazy at home again, well it gets hard when you do it forever. Because it’s like you’re trapped in your house and there’s no way out. So I’ve been breaking lazy. Basically, I try to not stick around sitting in my house all day, even if it calls for drastic measures. Usually I dance and play kinect sports. And sometimes I practice my push-ups for the fitness gram test. I’ve been trying to get up and break my lazy skills, which can be sometimes hard. (Because I have mad lazy skills) Wish me luck because this is not going to be a easy few days in this cold, icy weather.

1 comment:

  1. Betcha can't beat my lazy skills!! Thanks for the invite about the movie. And I love your flower slideshow! Guess you finally figured it out Huh?