Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Super School

Today I got back from school, and was in the mood to type. So kick back, relax, and enjoy my blog. I love school so much and I've been so busy. This story is about my class, room 3D. On the first day of school I wiggled in my

breakfast chair as my mom
double checked our backpacks. We took pictures (of course for my mom's scrapbook.) Mom and Austin were excited to start a new life at a new school. We got in the car, buckled up, and got up to the school in a jiffy. We walked to our class. This was it I thought. It's time to shine. I walked to my teacher's classroom, or should I say Mr. McCoy's classroom. I met my old friends and new friends.

I have a perfect teacher, a wonderful class. I hope to make many friends on my journey thought 3rd grade. Below I have posted my class friends. Read them all. I bless you with happy reading. -Morgan:)

Class Friends and Fun!
Paul Bonzagni,
David Butler,
Jorden Castillo,
Alex Filiaggi,
Sage Frock,
Cade Hicks,
Alyssa Ihle,
Quinn Lehrmann,
Coner McNabnay,
Samantha, Medley,
Leif Messinger,
Rachel Nguyen,
Drew Pettinos,
Conner Plisya,
Noah Preston,
Alex Schultz,
Matthew Shear,
Soleil Singh,
Harry Tatum,
Preston Wagner,
and the great Mr. McCoy!!!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Caroline, Movie and Better!

A couple of days ago, I called Caroline to come over to hang out. After she was over for about an hour, her dad called and said she could sleepover at my house, and we will drop her off in the morning. So we were shocked and psycho the rest of the night. We had pizza for dinner (of course.) At 9:30 we left to see Cats and Dogs, the Revenge of Kitty Galore in 3D, another new summer release (and I recommend it, if you haven’t seen it.) So candy, cookies, some dancing with the stars for wii, icarlys I recorded to watch. It was more like dream land than just a sleepover. After all that fun stuff, we slept on an air matress, then woke up so lovely. The only thing you could hear was the morning wind, the sun peeking in, and the birds chirping to a sweet melody. We had Toaster Struedel apple flavor, and a powdered doughnut. A couple more minutes of dancing with the stars for wii. Then Caroline’s babysitter picked her up. So that’s my entry… don’t forgot it!