Friday, July 30, 2010

Little Cabin in the Woods

Remember my last post about Meramec Caverns? Well, the reason why I visited is because I was already in Missouri at our family cabin for a week vacation. Let me tell you, show you, and explain why we went and why I like the cabin.

We go to our cabin in the Ozarks every summer, but this year, my whole family went. (the four of us, Omi, Aunt Kari, Heikki, Mya, Aunt Donna, Uncle Tom, Uncle Bill, Aunt Christi, my cousin Shelley, Todd, Lisa, Fletcher, Will and Taylor)

I loved a few things that we did at the cabin. Let me tell you. You already know about my cavern trip if you read the last post. I
also went on a canoe trip and floated the Black River. This was my first time to be old enough to float the river. We set the record for floating 6 miles in 2 hours! It takes most people 4 hours.

I also loved the creek. We float in tubes and it was fun seeing my baby cousin splash around since it was her first time there. I also caught a Bluegill when I went fishing with my Uncle Bill.

In case you are wondering why I am not mentioning my Pops...he was in Alaska on a business trip. He was really upset that he couldn't go. It wasn't the same without him.

I love the cabin and there is no doubt about it.

Oh and the good foods.... I love anything made at the cabin.
It's like you live in the wilderness....having a family reunion.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Meramec Caverns

In second grade, we studied caves. Everyone studies a different cave. I chose Meramec Caverns in Missouri because....oh well, you will find out later.

Last week, we traveled to Missouri and visited the Caverns. It was cool to see the famous formations that I studied. Some of the formations include, The Wine Table, Hollywood, and the most famous, the Stage Curtain. I also learned about a new formation called "The Mother in Laws tongue" because of it's evil look. Another new things I learned is that the 3rd largest stalagmite was located in these caverns. It was so big they actually had to cut a little off the top!

I was really excited to see the Stage Curtain. It was bigger than I ever imagined, even in my dreams. We went to the biggest room in the cave and saw it, but it was still three more layers high, but we did not see those. We sat down and our tour guide did a light show to music onto the formation. There was really cool history to know that there is a platform and in the 1940's, a singer got to perform there singing the National Anthem. WOW!

Alot of people in my class probably did not see their cave study in person, but I did and now you know it.

Friday, July 16, 2010

My Famous Delicious Doggie Delights

I may have mentioned to you that I have a little business called Delicious Doggie Delights. It is when I make homemade doggie treats with all natural ingredients. I started my business on Valentines day and used a heart cookie cutter, but I just found a big and little dog bone cutter that I am using now.

I sell my dog treats to relatives, family, friends and neighbors. The dog next door, Gracie, is my best customer. They place an order almost every two weeks. The dog treats cost $3 for one dozen. Most people order two dozen at a time.

My dogs, Tyson and Harley love them. When ever I go to the refrigerator, Harley jumps on my thighs, thinking that I am getting out the treats, but sometimes treats have to wait.

Blogs are important to me, but dogs and giving them treats, might be a little more important!


Last week, my parents dropped me off at Grandma's house for a sleepover. First, we played some games like Yahtzee, Wahoo, and Sequence. We had fun! We played for lots of hours. I won a lot but so did grandma. We are both good gamers!

She took me to the public library. My grandma likes to read like me. I checked out some books on her card. I checked out these books, RedWall, Trapped in Death Cave, Goosed, and Vet Volunteers. Some of these are by my favorite author, Bill Wallace. I read a lot of his chapter books.

After that we went to Wendy's and got dinner. When we got home, we played some more games and read a little. After a few hours, we went to Braum's and had a good mint chocolate chip ice cream cone. We ran into some of her friends and when we got home, we just in time to watch, America's Got Talent. It is one of my favorite shows.

The next day, we went to Walmart and Grandma bought me the cutest puppy poster to hang in my closet. Then, we went to Justice and grandma got me a new outfit for school. I went into the dressing room and got to try on lots of outfits and finally found the perfect one. I may wear it on the first day of school.

We went back to my house and picked up Austin. The three of us went to see Despicable Me. It was very good. It was funnier than I thought it would be. Another summer movie, that I recommend. It was fantastic and blew me away!

I love Grandma and I had tons of fun on our day together. Maybe I will get another sleepover this summer!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Wet, Rainy Road Trip

This week I have been on a road trip. Or should I say, a wet rainy road trip. That’s right it was raining almost the whole time we were there. That’s not fun at all. I hate it when it rains, and it’s summer. The meaning of summer is go outside, and no school. Well, I can’t go outside during storms. You know what? Let me tell you what I did that was fun.

First, we went to Houston. Dad had a business trip and so we all went along. Mom took Austin and I to the Children’s Museum to play. It’s really fun. What you do is get a kids card. Then, you get a job like a chef, serve a customer, and get a fake paycheck. Put your kids card and paycheck in an ATM machine. Then how much the paycheck was worth shows up on your card. Then, you can take money off your card and be a customer.

The second fun thing we did was play at a park that is right across the street from the Hilton Hotel we stay in. But at the park it was so hot. They have an outside trampoline, lots of stuff to climb on and even a water park area. We bought snow cones at the park. I wanted bubblegum but they were sold out, so I got strawberry.

Then the next day, we drove to Corpus Christi, and played on the beach for a while. Due to all the storms that hit the area, alot of seaweed was washed up on the beach, but we enjoyed playing in the sand anyway.Then when we got back to the hotel we watched TV. We went out to dinner and then went back to the hotel. Followed by watching So you think you can Dance in bed. (mom and I love this show - we even went to see the tour one year) After that we went to sleep.

The following day, was back in the car to Houston again. When we got there it was raining. So we went to the indoor pool. But this is not a normal pool. It’s a pool with a wall. But if you swim under the wall you're in a outdoor pool. Austin and I had fun swimming in the outdoor pool when it stopped raining, while mom was in the hot tub. We played there all day mostly. Then went up to our room to sleep. Tomorrow it’s on the rainy road home.

I never knew that summer could be so rainy!

Friday, July 9, 2010

A Day with Sage

Last Monday I was just watching TV when my friend Sage called asking to see if I could come over. So I did. Sage picked me up and it was off to her house. Wait. Let's pause right there. You might not know who Sage is. Well you're in luck. This is picture of me and Sage from my swim party!

Sage told me that she had two surprises that she got for her birthday. She said one was a guitar but didn't tell me the next one. When I got to her house I rushed to her room and I saw a flat screen TV. wow! She also told me that she had to move her gerbil cage in the bathroom so her TV could fit. So we played, then had lunch. Then, played some more and watched a movie. After that, we drove to the lake. We swam and hung out with her mom. Then, we went home and we had dinner. We ate burgers. After that, we played some more. Then mom and dad picked me up and told me that we were heading out of town. That's called only one thing, a day with Sage. Now off for more adventures with my family. Dad needs to go to Houston for work, so we are going too. I love going to Houston, staying at hotels, swimming and we are going to go to Corpus Christi Beach while we are there.

Molly #2

Today I'm typing about something that happened on the fourth of July. It's supposed to be fun, well maybe. Because, well, you're not going to love what I have to say...It's about Molly... okay 1... 2... 3... Molly Died! Well, we think she had a heart attack because 1. two days ago she escaped! When we caught her, her heart might have been beating too fast. 2. Next day, Molly was in the same place all day, not moving in her cage. So maybe she was hurting. That's it and then when we checked on her on the fourth of July, it was like she fell asleep and just never woke-up. Sad but true.

After that, I cried, prayed for her every night, and in memory of her, put a photo of her where her cage used to be in my room. Now instead of racing up stairs each day to see her. I just walk slow to the photo, and say some words. But there's only one thing cool about the day she died. I studied Thomas Jefferson in 2nd grade and he too died on the fourth of July. So cool but not too cool. That's all. That's it. Molly will be missed and I will never... ever be the same.