Monday, January 24, 2011

Puppy Paws

On Sunday night, we went over to our friend's house, The Simonion's, for dinner. Well, that’s reason one but reason two was because they got a new dog. They got a small, cute, golden retriever. They named him CJ. It stands for Clem Jr. He is so cute! He looks like the puppy on my computer wallpaper. I loved to pick him up and twirl him around. We gave him his first toy and some homemade dog treats that I made. He is so cute!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Recycling Friday

Today was my first day on the Dragons Green Team at my school. I had to fill out a job application and apply. I am one of the four that got picked from my class. This is a picture of me and my friends, Sage and Soleil on duty.

Monday, January 17, 2011

The Baby Business

Tonight my 1 month old cousin, Hanna, came over so we could babysit her. Her mommy and daddy (Aunt Kari and Uncle Heikki) went to the Stars Game. We first sat down and held her for about 15 minutes. Then we fed her and Skyped our Grandmother (Omi) and Hanna’s sister, Mya. Omi was keeping Mya for the night just as we were keeping Hanna. Hanna is 1 month which is 23 months away from toddler trouble. Hanna is a projectile puker, but is cuddly at the same time.

Plumbing Problems

Mom and Dad had a plumbing problem. Or should I say plumbing problems. In the pasted two weeks, we probably have had two plumbing problems on our kitchen sink. It is having problems with the disposal. They are still down there working hard and tough. It started acting up at dinner and that was about 25 minutes ago! The other time we had a problem, Mr. Chris (that lives next door) had to come over because dad was out of town. Well I better get going to help out. Right now I’m hoping an eyelash will fall out to wish on. And I would wish one thing, Good Luck!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

My New Look

Today I changed everything! My blog looks totally different but really cute. If you have a blog and you want to update go to and you will be so happy. I also put two cute games on my blog, I put on Fish, and Tic Tac Toe. Hope you have fun doing this. And check out my aunt's blog at and have a blast looking at their "diaries". Have fun bloggers!

Fairy Tales

On Thursday, my brother and I were a part of the school play through Creative Kids. Our play was called “Fairy Tales” because it was about a lot of different fairy tales that are all mixed up. I was Repunzal’s Best Friend. In our play, we made all the old fairy tales more updated. So we did a commercial advertising Repunzal’s Lovely Locks. (shampoo) The play was a big success. And funny on the way.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Snow and New York

For three days my parents have been in New York. So my grandparents (a.k.a Omi and Pops) have been watching me and Austin. Omi first picked me up from school on Friday and we went out for ice cream. After that we went and fed the ducks in Cedar Hill. We went back to their house and we played Star Wars play dough and made dinner. (The play dough we did to sort of sell it to make money. I got a dollar) For dinner we had a build your own pizza night. I just made a pizza with cheese and mushrooms. We went to bed and went to sleep.

The next day we got up and they took us to my basket ball game. We lost but that was a hard team. After that we had lunch at Chapp’s burger place. After that we went back to my house and got my brothers remote control car. We got back to Cedar Hill and drove the car around the park and I also tried to dribble my basket ball but it was a little windy. We got back to their house and we made Smores on the fire. Yum! We went to sleep after we watched Charlie and the Chocolate factory, the first movie. Then I fell asleep.

Today I woke up and went to church, then all out of nowhere it started to snow! White everywhere when we got back to the house. The next hour I read my book, Words with friends on Omi's iphone, and hot cocoa. But then the snow stopped and it melted. Creative Kids was canceled in the following minutes. We went to the airport to pick up mom. She got in the car, and she had on a coat made of mink. Gross but I said it looked good anyway. We got home and that’s that. Mom must have brought the snow from New York and dad is still there on business for the next few days!

Sunday, January 2, 2011