Thursday, March 10, 2011


Tuesday night or two days ago I went back to school to show mom my invention. In Quest (a class I take in school) we invented items made out of recycled items. I invented a toy called the “Water Pack.” The Water pack is a backpack full of water. Pick up the plastic tube with a nozzle on the end. If the nozzle is turned to “on” water will squirt out of the tube. But if the nozzle is turned to “off” the water will no longer squirt. If you run out of water unzip the zipper in the backpack and fill up the jug. Sponsored by Dr. Pepper and Albertson’s. (not really) You can buy the water pack for $19.99 plus tax. (The water pack is really not for sale) I also made a video and made it into a commercial on Microsoft Movie Maker. It was fun to see other inventions and hang out with Drew and Rachel.

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