Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Mom's new job

I am so exited, so happy, so thinking about some good news! mom learned that it's 100%. My mom is going to be the new science teacher at Johnson Elementary School. She will teach science to kindergarteners through 4th graders. Sometimes I will be to be in her class. Austin and I go to this school. I'm going in 3rd grade and Austin is going into Kindergarden. I've been crazy telling mom and Austin about the school. I love it!!! We are all three dragons now!

Mom is going to love Johnson and so is Austin. Mom said she wanted to go to Star Lab now she gets to run it and all the cool science stuff! Mom and Austin are going to love this cool school, just like me!

As my principal says...."It's a great day to be a dragon!"

Monday, June 28, 2010

Just another Monday.....maybe?

Today was going to be a normal day. You know, just a normal day. Until your grandma calls....and off we go to the movies. Mom, Austin and I all went with Grandma. Now I'm sorta grateful. Why? 1. I've been busy reading all day so the movie would give me a break. and 2. I really want to see Toy Story 3.... wish granted. The movie was playing at Grapevine Mills Mall. First, we went into the store, Kirklands. They had this cute peace signthat I wanted to buy to put in my room over my bed. So I wentin and bought that peace sign with my own money. I think it looks perfect in my room!

Then it was time for the movie. Here's my review. The movie was AWESOME! It was the best and I recommend it if you have not seen it yet.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

The weekend

This weekend mom is away on a girl's trip, so dad and I thought what to do? “Sleepover!!” So I called Allyson and she came over. So basically, we have been hanging out. But then we went jet skiing with Allyson. When we were done, we picked up Austin from a b-day party, and went home and swam. I thought what to do tonight.... Medieval Times, oh-yah. So we went to the 8 o’clock show. Then we got home, watched a movie, and lights out.

Today Allyson left and mom’s coming home today. But that’s only a little bit of summer... wait 'til you hear more!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Creative Kids

It's Show Time!!!

Characters from Toy Story, "Barbie" Morgan, and "Barbie" with Maggie as "Little Bo Peep"

All week, I have been at a Creative Kids Acting Camp. The camp was Monday - Thursday from noon to three o'clock each day. We practiced for a show called Toy Story. We made a few changes, but it turned out almost like the movie. I voted for the part of Barbie and I got it. There were lots of girls that wanted to be Barbie, so I was one of the three. I was the oldest Barbie in the play. I am going into third grade and the other two Barbies are going into Kindergarten and first grade. If you look at the picture in the middle, that is me with a blonde wig and fancy clothes for Barbie. It looked really cute. The other Barbie girls were dressed fancy too. Some kids had a hard time recognizing me with long hair. I did too, when I looked in the mirror. I had lots of excitement and nervousness running through me on the night of the play. I decided that it was time to stand up and just do it. I had a lot of lines in the play. Mr. McCoy, let us use our scripts since we only had a few days to learn it all. I felt a little better about that, but not perfect. Then, I got on stage and I felt awesome, awesome, awesome! The show was a huge success! I think it was even better than the other two I was in during the school year and I had months to learn those plays. I love Creative Kids and all the cheering from the crowd. I think I will do it next year too!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Six Flags

On Tuesday, I went to Six Flags. Every year at school, I read for a total of 6 hours to earn a free ticket to six flags. My mom is a teacher so she has a free ticket too. Since Austin was at Camp Davidson, mom and I decided to go. I rode the Titan first. I have been going to 6 flags since Kindergarten and this is always my first ride. It is the tallest roller coaster in the park. You would think I would be afraid, but I am not. Well, I do scream a little, but not much. Then I rode my favorite roller coaster, The Runaway Mountain. It is a roller coaster inside a mountain and all in the dark. It was really scary because you don't know where you are going. Here are the other rides we rode: Tony Hawks Big Spin, AquaMan, Judge Row Scream, Superman, the parachutes, the swings, and the Bobsled. We got to ride lots of rides because there was not a big crowd. Probably because it was a 100 degrees on the summer day in Texas. Mom and I were sweating, but having good girl time. The next day, aching necks, backs and off we went for a pedicure! Come back and read soon to find out about my Creative Kids Camp and show!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

Today is Father’s day. I almost forgot to write about it today. I was so busy trying to make the house perfect this morning. Dad mostly makes eggs, and bacon. Well, today mom tried, she stuck cinnamon toast in the oven, and made bacon crunchier the rocks! Just the way we like it.Then mom starting to make the eggs but dad came downstairs early and he took over. After our breakfast, dad opened gifts. First, he opened our card. It said, “Mom picked this out” on the outside and on the inside, you could record a message. We said “Happy father’s day, you’re the best dad, in the whole world… we love you.” Right before the card was done. Austin brought over the 2nd gift.

It was a pot full of popcorn. It was from Julie’s Popcorn and we tried to buy pickle popcorn (dad’s favorite) but they were out, so we bought salt and vinegar instead. Then he looked at his 3rd gift, some clothes and a new swimsuit. After that, mom took some photos and from that point on it’s been a normal day. Austin is off to play golf today with dad, Pops, and Uncle Heikki. Then we are all meeting up for a shrimp boil at Omi and Pop's house. That all I want too share, ok.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Camp D

Camp D. (Camp Davidson) is where I go every summer. Omi didn’t start it too long ago, maybe one or two years ago… Anyway, she will send us a slip of paper with choices of what we want to do. My camp D. was before Austin’s, so I got first pick. First, Mom and Dad dropped me off at Bass Hall and Omi and I saw Little house on the Prairie. It was fantastic. After that, we went to Omi’s favorite Banes and Noble across the street. I bought Diary of a Wimpy Kid because I love that series. We went to the clerk, paid for the book, went home, made fluffy puffy feather pens, greasy rib dinner, hot hot tub, and night-night, lights out!

Day 2

Ok it’s day 2. BJ’s, incase your wondering, is a restaurant. A good restaurant indeed. We had lunch with Kari and Mya. It was so good, I can’t stand it! I didn’t want to leave! But you know we had to. Kari and Mya left and we walked to our car and drove to the movie theater to see Karate Kid! That is a 4 star film, no kidding. It ran in my head all day. When we got home, my own choice dinner was meatloaf, fresh green beans, and Mac and cheese. After a dinner like that one, we weren’t done. Marble Rollercoaster time with Pops! We take styrofoam pipes, cut them in half, tape them however you want, put a marble at one of the end and it goes! We spent maybe half an hour outside having fun. But again the fun ends at bed time.

Day 3

Today we went to Fort Worth Nature center. We hiked one trail and by the time we got to the 2nd trail, I said, I can’t do it and we went home. I took a nice long shower, and played a game of Yatzee and I made a first family record. I am the first person to get 7 yatzees in the Davidson family in one game.Yes, me, Morgan Davidson! It’s true, I did get 7 yatzees. After a big party for yatzee. I made a stepping stone with a beautiful design and made more fluffy puffy feather pens. But at seven that night, Pops and I set off to the Air Hogs baseball game. We didn’t stay that long, only a little bit. I had a hot dog and Pops had nachos. The Air Hogs where winning when we left. One more game of yatzee and lights out.

Day 4

Today I get picked up by Mom and Dad but I’ve got time. I washed my stepping stone. Then thought we should do some morning shopping! I had a good morning, I got my clothes on and when shopping. Justice is my favorite store so I went there. I bought 3 cute things and met Kari, Mya, Mom, and Austin at the Oasis for lunch. It was good.... sometimes Camp D is all you need.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

summer swim party

This summer I decided that I was going to host a swim party at my house. I invited my top 4 girlfriends. Three of them were able to come. Caroline, Sage and Allyson were the three that came. Hope was unable to make it because she was out of town. Even without Hope, I still had an outstanding time. Caroline said that it wasn't as fun without Hope because we all like being together, but still it was a BLAST!

First, we swam for about an hour. Followed with pool games and lots of splashing. My mom was the judge of our jump competiton. As seen, in the picture, we are preparing for a group jump. For lunch, we grilled hot dogs, had cheetos and fruit kbobs. For dessert, my mom made ice cream cone cakes. They were white cake baked inside an ice cream come. We had chocolate icing with rainbow sprinkles. Everyone thought they were divine! Then, we had another huge fun hour of swimming. Then, we sorta got tired of the pool and started swinging on my rope swing. It was fun because Caroline was giving us big pushes. I was trying to show off and do a one hand swing and almost fell off. That would have been a disaster bleeding from the head with friends watching - totally not cool.

Then it was almost time to go. Caroline left first when her mom came. Then Allyson left. Last, we took Sage back to her Spanish school house for the rest of the afternoon. I know it was a fun time and I will never forget it. People reading my blog, I say, goodbye.

Friday, June 4, 2010

austin's news!

Austin will his teacher, Mrs. Kelly

BREAKING NEWS......Austin graduated Pre- K.

I am excited for him to be at my school next year.
He will be in kindergarten and I will be his big 3rd grade sister!

Austin graduated Pre - k!

BREAKING NEWS.....Austin graduated Pre -K!
I am excited for him to join me at my school next year.
He will be in Kindergarten and
I will be his big 3rd grade sister!

End of School and awards day!

This year has been such a good year. 2nd Grade Rocks! I have met lots of new friends and had fun times learning. I love my teacher and it makes me want to cry knowing that I am not going to be in her class anymore.

Yesterday was my awards ceremony. Whenever it was my turn, there were lots of feelings going through my body. I thought, I would not get many awards, but actually I did and I was really proud. I got the 2nd grade achievement awards, art excellence award, the ice cream with a cherry on top reading award, and the 6 flags reading award. At the very end of the awards, Ms. Jonston, our counselor, announced a special award. It was the Racheal Challenge award. One child from each class got this. I was nominated by my friend and selected by my teacher for my class! I was excited and shocked. This award means that I show kindness and compassion at school. Other friends in different classes got the award too. We will get to be on the Racheal's Challenge Advisory team as third graders next year. I will love 2nd grade forever. The day after awards, was the last day of school. I was soooooo excited. I had so many thoughts running in my head. It was game day at school. So that was fun. We each brought a game from home. I brought Yahtzee. My best friend Caroline brought Sorry Sliders. My other best friend, Allyson, brought a game that involved poker chips. I did not really get to play that one. It was a great way to end our school year.

Now on to summer fun!