Sunday, February 28, 2010


I have been playing soccer for 4 seasons. This is my second year on the Jets. Yesterday I had my first game of the Spring season. We lost, but we have not had any time to practice but the Strike Team did and they won. Allyson, is new on our team. She is my class and a friend. I started out playing goalie. I stopped all but one score. Then, I played in forward position. Finally, I had a break and then played defense in the last quarter. I like playing offense best. Mom and my Pops were there and they said I played great, but mom says I play forward best. I like offense and hope to score a goal this year. I will keep posting about soccer. By the way, our uniforms are green.

Songs for Fun!

This is a song I wrote. Tell me what you think! I think it could be a hit. (my mom thinks so too)

Sky High

So pretty, and wonderful your very sweet, and I’m thinking you are a treat. Loving you like someone ever wanted, and thinks you are something…


I love you and you love me, how much happier can we be? We say hi then bye oh I wish we could fly in the sky oh whoa oh, oh, oh sky high sky high sky high oh sky high sky high.

Repeat Chorus

The sunset setting, as we watch it set by. The way the sun shines… oh I wish could fly in the sky oh in the sky.

Oh, Oh, oh in the sky… SKYHIGH!

So what do you think? I like It! Do you?????


These are the friends I know…

… Paul, Caroline, Aubrey, Sage, Hope, Alexis, Emily, Grace, Bella, Ryan and Lauren, Carson and Hunter, Shavani, Brooke, Rumneek, Sophia, Piper, Kamryen, Jake, Michel, Colby, Phillup, Bryan, James, Ian, Nick, Alex, Leana, Ryan, Mrs. Schneider, Mrs. Darovec, Mrs. Chapmen, and Allyson. A lot of friends and I know them all!

So if you read my blog…

… you will be one!

So tell your friends and all…

About this cool blog!

(PS, I have 34 friend NOW!)

Hear more next week!

If you want a pet....


1. If you want a hamster and your parents say no you should listen because they are hard work!

2. Some times you are just to busy for a pet but will you always take care of your pet and never treat your pet wrong?

Questions for my readers: How many pets do you have and are they a lot of work?

Keep reading my blog because I will give you more info next week!


My pet is a hamster. It is a robo-dwarf hamster. I love to watch her run in her wheel all night. I love her so much! She is brown, white, and black she is so cute. Those dark black eyes are beautiful and the very pink feet and nose are like moonlight at sunset and so nice. Molly is a fast little girl who loves to climb through tubes and her fur is so soft. She eats dry hamster food and fresh water daily. Speaking of daily, Molly gets her very own daily treats. Molly loves them to death, they are made of vitamins, raspberry, and strawberry. Good for a hamster but once my dog, Harley, ate one while we were cleaning Molly’s cage!

Now I think Harley does not like them either. But they are a good treat for Molly. Molly is my 4th pet. I’ve have 2 dogs. You know Harley but have you seen Tyson? I also had a fish named Nemo but he died when I was 3 years old. I had a frog named Foggy but now I just have Molly, my hamster and my two dogs. Now you know all of my pets now and in the past. Now back to Molly her favorite cage toy I made for her is a card board tube and she runs and runs through it. It is really a toilet paper roll, but works great. She just loves it so much. Molly’s favorite place in her cage is her nesting corner she will sleep all day there and I’m not kidding, no way. I just got Molly for Christmas and Santa brought her cage and every thing. Molly changed me for sure.

A kid's Blog

Hi my name is Morgan and this is my blog and my blog only. But you can read it too. This is a blog about my life. I think you will understand because you’re a kid. But if your older and reading, I bet you will understand too because I have great grammar. I am in 2nd

grade, have lots of friends, and I have the best teachers now and in the past Mrs. Chapman, Mrs. Darovec, and Mrs. Schneider are my teachers. Did I say I am eight years old and my birthday is November 29 and my favorite color is light green the color of fresh grass and pretty skies or summer moonlight. And I can’t forget my favorite sport is rocking awesome soccer. You will hear more about me as you read so enjoy my blog!