Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Heap of Books and Dribble Specs

Mr. McCoy, my teacher, got some books from his Public library for me. He got four books, This Book is Not Good For You, (book 3 from the secret series) and three books from the sisters Grimm series. Those books were: Book 6 Tales from The Hood, Book 7 the Everafter War, and Book 8 the Inside Story. Also from the library at my school I checked out The Doll People which sound good according to Jordan and Sage (my classmates.)

So I went home fully charged and ready to read but I saw these special glasses on the kitchen table. I asked dad and he said they were specially designed so you can’t look down when you dribble a basketball, or at least hard to see. He said they were called dribble specs and pointed his eyes at Austin. I got them for you and Austin to share. Oh I thought he probably got them for Austin. So you get the point of my afternoons, pretty much just reading a book or dribbling with my new specs.e and wearing so

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