Friday, December 31, 2010

T.V. Time

Wednesday night, we got a new TV. We put the TV in the kid’s room. (Play room that me and Austin share) This TV is one of those new cool TV’s that hang on the walls. We are trying to figure out how to use it. It’s fun for the wii and new kinect. The TV is from the brand Samsung. It’s fun so far.

Dog Days

Wednesday was my dog’s birthday. Her name is Harley Davidson. Harley was named that because dad wanted a Harley Davidson. Mom said no and this is the only Harley Davidson he will ever get close to owning. Harley turned 12 and about 60 in dog years. Fun, Fun, Fun! Austin gave her a dog treat, and she got loved on. The picture here is her sort of smiling. See her teeth and how they smile. Harley is one of the craziest dogs ever but fun to have. Happy Birthday Harley!!!!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Oklahoma and Riley

Day 1

On Monday, we (as in Mom, Dad, Austin, and I) went on a road trip to Oklahoma. It was about two hours and thirty minutes to get there. We stayed in a hotel called S.H. (Skirvin Hilton) The Dallas Mavericks basketball team were staying at our hotel and we saw all the players in the lobby. It was a big hotel and we got a suite! The suite had a bedroom just for mom and dad, two TV’s, and a huge couch. We had gone to see one of Mom’s former students, Riley and her family. Riley and I had so much fun together! This is not my first time to see Riley; two years ago we saw the So You Think You Can Dance tour together with our moms. I call Riley, "my long lost best friend" because we get along so well. We drove to a baseball park in a taxi to meet them there. We went in the baseball park and found a ski hill in there! We rode down the ski hill on tubes about six times because it was so packed. Then we went to a place called Coaches for dinner. I had the best mac and cheese ever with some steaming, but just right hot cocoa. We played outside on the restaurants porch for a while then we went back to the hotel to sleep.

Day 2

Tuesday, I woke up early to see Riley again. I opened my book (The Name Of This Book Is Secret) and read. I got through two chapters before Mom and Dad woke up. I got dressed, brushed my teeth, and packed up. We met them at Jimmy’s Egg and ate breakfast. I had Silver Dollar pancakes and some more hot cocoa. Me and Riley talked and talked about everything you could talk about. Then we played on my mom’s phone as the parents talked. We stayed for a hour and then they offered for us to come over to their house. We took up the offer and went over to their house. Riley’s room is awesome she has a laptop, and a sewing machine, and everything. We played in the game room a lot she made me a peace sign sleeping bag for my bunny, and her little brother and Austin just played Club Penguin Game Day for wii. I waved goodbye as we set home. So long Oklahoma.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Orbeez And Two Teeth

Tonight, we went to Geggy's Christmas. Geggy is my 92 year old great grandmother.

Before leaving, I made something with my Orbeez. Orbeez are marbles that grow in water. I put them inside a peace sign and it made the colors of the peace sign. Pretty cool.

Austin lost his first top tooth while celebrating Christmas. When we got home, Dad pulled out the other top tooth while he was distracted playing his new Wii game, Kirby's Epic Yarn. Now Austin can, Sing..."All I want is my two front teeth." It came one day short of wanting those teeth for Christmas. But it is going to be pretty cool to see what the tooth fairy brings for both front teeth!

Christmas #3

Merry Christmas!

Today is Christmas I am so exited! I ran down the stairs. Now I am sad because no puppies. The other day I shook my magic 8 ball and asked “Will I get a puppy for Christmas?” and it said yes. But I did get a Xbox and a kinenct!!!!! A kinect is when you are the controller. There is a camera and you move and it reacts. Santa also got us 4 games to go with it. He also got me a password journal and Orbees. He also got me many other fun things. Thank you Santa so much for all you do.

Christmas #2

Last night was Christmas Eve. We went over to my grandma’s (a.k.a Omi) for dinner. We played fun games like the 12 Texen Days of Christmas (Omi wrote) and our talent show. Omi said we all had to do a talent that had to do with Christmas. I sang I want a Hippopotamus For Christmas. I was so good Omi said. Next we played a game where we pass boxes. In the end we all get a box. My box had 20 dollars in it. Then we had dinner. A fancy meal with steak and lobster to dip in butter. It was so good and so flawless I thought I could not have dessert. But well… I did. Pops said his Twas’ the night of 2010. Then we opened presents. I got new clothes and pjs, Kids Bop 18 with dance moves, Wipeout for DS, Grow your own crystals, lip bomb, and much more. It’s almost time for Santa to come I better get home.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas #1

Last night we went to my grandma's to open presents. This is Christmas #1 for my family. I got a journal, Club Penguin Herbert's Revenge for DS, fun fusion, 15 dollars to itunes, boots, an animal print "M" hanger for my door, cute clothes, 25 dollars to game stop, and some books. Thank you Grandma!

I can't show you all the pictures because there are too many. So I will show you....

Today is also a big day because this is my 100th post as a blogger! Enjoy the video!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Cookies and Cakes

Yesterday we baked cookies for Santa Claus. We also baked two cakes. We made Christmas trees, stars, and some ornaments as our cookie shapes. We baked them in the oven then iced them red, yellow, and green. Green for the trees, red for the ornaments, and yellow for the stars. Then we made them shine will some m&ms and some sprinkles. For dessert I had some of the cake it was divine. Austin had some of the cookies and he said they were awesome. Sweets make life sweeter.

Monday, December 20, 2010

"Let Your Hair Down"

Today Allyson and I saw Tangled together. It was so good. I also gave Allyson her Christmas present. I got her 2 pads of sticky notes, a clay turtle, and a bottle cap necklace that says “Believe”. I wanted to see Tangled so bad because I am Repunzal’s best friend and Allyson is Repunzal in Creative Kids (plays Mr. McCoy does). So now I sort of thought that went together. Her hair was pretty in the movie, and now I’m thinking what will Allyson do with her hair to make it long in the play?

Christmas Lights

Last night we looked at lights. Well… not any kind of lights, special lights. We first looked at the lights that were just put up on a house. Mom said they were pretty. She first found out by a review on facebook. We drove to 904 Trail Edge Dr. in Grapevine TX. We tuned to 95.5 just like it said to. And songs started to play and the lights were in the same beat. Every beat a light struck. And the lights danced and danced to the music. There were only four songs on the radio channel though. And I’m thinking how much planning did this take? A lot because that’s a show! You ought to check it out if you are in Grapevine: Here is the website

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Early Christmas Present

Yesterday Hanna, My cousin and Mya’s younger sister was born. Her full name is Hanna Grace Ritvanen. Hanna was really cute, and when she came out Mya repeated "ba-by" over and over again. I was keeping track of what I know about Hanna as the nurse was checking her. Austin was just playing ilo and milo on Heikki’s phone. I am really exited to go back to see Hanna today. She will be all cleaned up and ready to hold. She was the first present of the season. And a good one too.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Pajama Party

Today we had a pajama day or as I like to say pj (pajama) day! I wore pajamas that are so new. This was my first time to wear them! They still have that good new pajama smell. My pajamas are all green with Christmas trees and the word HOPE on them. But what was really fun was the scavenger hunt in the gym. They turn off the lights and the only light is your flashlight. You are trying to find 12 items such as: the Christmas tree, stocking, present, angel, Santa, Santa’s sack of toys, snowman, gingerbread man, gingerbread man house, candy cane, dragon wreath, dradel, reindeer, and the star. But the two hardest things were you had to find them in the order of the list and the grinches were trying to stop you. (the grinches were the P.E. teachers) My friends and I were the green team and we found all the 12 green things at the last 3 seconds. It was hard and I got stopped by the grinch 2 times. But it was fun and I got a dragon for finding it all. And the good thing is I don’t have to change clothes tonight!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cute Stuff

This is a youtube video that Omi sent to Mom and Mom sent to me. Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 13, 2010


I’m sad to say but yesterday I threw-up everywhere. And don’t say this is fun because I’m 100% sure it is not! I was going to go over to my friend Allyson’s but I had to stay upstairs while my mom had a dinner party downstairs for all the kindergarten teachers. So nobody could take care of me! Mom would come up and check and Only Austin was upstairs but he was not helping my problem. I don’t know what I have, which makes it harder. I had to stay home from school today because… Number 1 Mom told me I had to and number 2 my alarm clock did not go off so I slept in till 8 o’clock. I have been watching movies like Toy Story 3 and Furry Vengeances. And some shows like Fish Hooks on demand. And I have been working on the slide show named Donuts. I have not thrown up today so that is a good sign. But what really stinks is book club is today and I might miss it or I might not. We will have to see…

A Furry Friend

We were on our way home from the Simonian’s on Friday night. (our friend's house) We backed out of the driveway and saw an opossum. He or she was just staring up at us. Mom got out and got a picture of it. When she got back in the car it growled at us. We drove off and I thought: Should he or she be a friend or foe? I guess I will never know.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Readers Theater In Mr. McCoy’s Class

My Side of the Story!

Today we performed a couple of plays in Mr. McCoy’s class. We have been working on the plays for about a week. Alex, Harry, Preston, Noah, Conor, and I were in a group. We did a play called School Lunches. It was hard because I was the only girl in the group and there were 3 girl parts. I chose to be Gemma, and we turned Mrs. Figgie into Mr. Figgie, and Louise into Lois. Noah was Bob, Alex was Lois, Harry was Mr. Figgie, Conor was the magic lunchbox, and Preston was Tim. Our play was a big success! The crowd roared with laughter and cheers. We used a lunchbox as a prop and Conor hid behind the file cabinet and was just the voice. And the room was our settings! We used the four computer chairs as the chairs for the classroom, and the front we used the chairs up their. Now I will tell you a short version of it and backstage pass to the characters.

About Us!

Mr. Figgie-

Mr. Figgie is a mean lunch lady (or man) who wants to make all the food taste nasty. He will say a big line all about his plan of making it terrible. He laughs a lot in a mean tone. He wants all the children to suffer the terrible taste of the food. Mostly nobody brings there lunch from home. The only person in the story who really who brings there lunch from home is Bob. Nobody really knows why Mr. Figgie is so mean.


A big laugh I will tell you that. Bob is really a robot who acts like a kid and goes to school. He brings his lunch from home. And Bob is a character we made up because we did not have enough characters for six people. Bob has very few lines because of the time we had. But when Bob does say something the crowd laughs their heads off. Bob has a talent of being funny.

Magic Lunchbox-

The magic lunchbox or Magic Food Machine is the character who saves them all. Now he is not a character he is a lunchbox that speaks. If you put food in it’s mouth and think of something tasty your food will taste just like it. We used Noah’s lunchbox as our Magic Food Machine so it looked like it was really talking. The lunchbox goes from school to school in search of bad food. The Magic Food Machine’s main goal is to help.


This is who I played. Gemma is described as Can Not put up with bad food and Gemma’s lines are just like that. Gemma is the first one to find the lunchbox I think because she says “Look at that little lunchbox it glows!” and that is the first line spoken about the lunchbox. Gemma does mostly the first line in the start of every scene. Gemma was really fun playing. And when I do her I feel like I’m Morgan with a different name.


Lois is someone who wants to never give up and put a stop to Mr. Figgie. This is a random thing but I think Lois wants a grilled cheese sandwich not grey slop. He is a fun guy to hang out with and really tries hard. Lois came from Louise which was the original name.

Last but not least Tim-

Tim is good at solving problems just like ours with Mr. Figgie. This is also random but I think Tim looks like a sports guy on the script. Tim was the original name and we did not change it. If I looked at them I think Tim and Lois look like close friends. And Bob and I walk up and say “Hey we got the same problem let’s sort this out.” Tim wanted to be Australian so he made an accent and did pretty well with it.

We all had fun with School Lunches and the parts we got!

The Short Story

This is the story in short version. Tim, Bob, Gemma, and Lois have a problem Mr. Figgie’s lunch is horrible! And Mr. Figgie doesn’t even care! They all try to enjoy the grey slop but they just can’t. The next day they find a small lunchbox or the Magic Food Machine. He speaks! He speaks! Tim puts he food in his mouth and thinks about a good chocolate cake and the food tastes just like it! Mr. Figgie finds out and takes it away. But they still eat the slop and it still tastes like it if you think about it! Mr. Figgie is so upset he quits and finds another school. Sadly the lunchbox leave too to help the children at the new school. He promises the principal will get a good lunch lady to work at the school. He gives them goodbye cake and sets off on a new adventure. The end

That was the short version of the story!

Thank you for reading the backstage pass to School Lunches!

Preformed by Alex, Noah, Conor, Harry, Preston, and Morgan

Sponsored by Just For Kids!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Getting Sassy

I’m just updating my latest fashion season that I bought from Justice. I’m wearing the coat tomorrow at school, I starting to think it over and I think it’s a mix of a Hollywood and Preppy style. I bought it with the gift card my grandma gave me. I'm getting ready for Winter with the hottest fashions. Like it?

Shiny Red Nose and Lights

Sunday Austin and I went to see Rodolph the Red Nosed Reindeer with my grandma Omi. We saw the play at the most awesome seat I have ever had. I thought the play was good because they hooked Rodolph on a sting and he did some flying and dancing in the air. He also did his bows like that too. After that, we picked up our little 1 year old cousin named Mya. We went back to Omi’s house for like 5 seconds then hopped back in the car. We went to the Osis for dinner and fed the ducks our bread. Then we hopped in the car again and went to see lights. Mya loved the lights so much and so did we. And by the time we got back to the house our parents were there. We jumped in their arms and said “Mom, I’m cold so let’s go home.” “I know” she said “That explains your shiny red nose.”

Saturday, December 4, 2010

My Elf is Back

The day before my birthday my elf on the shelf came back from the North Pole. My elf on the shelf is named Elfy, not that I want him to be named that, but my brother got there earlier then me and he picked it. Now I’m just thinking Is Austin on the naughty list because that’s totally unfair! How it works is Elfy hides somewhere different every day and records if you are naughty or nice. Today Elfy is hiding up above my mom’s desk. Me and Austin wrote our wish list and put it a safe distance away. And why a safe distance away? Because if you touch a elf on the shelf your elf will lose some magic and not tell Santa how good or bad you have been. But you can talk to him or her just don’t touch him, understand? Well good because that’s all I know. And that’s that!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Birthday Magic

Friday, I had a sleepover party for my birthday. Caroline, Sage, and Allyson all arrived at 4:00 to start pumping the party. We made some foamy journals first. Then we played a game where you toss all the presents around in a circle, we all opened our presents at the end and it turns out we all got the same CD. Mom and Dad let me open their present next. I opened it up and I saw 5 Selena Gomez concert tickets for that night. My mom asked if we wanted to go and of course we all said “yes” We had our dinner and ice-cream cake. Then set off to the concert.

At the concert

There we were sitting in seat 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 of row CCC. We were trying to get our text Happy Birthday Morganon the big screen. First 2 bands called The Sickest Kids and FTSK (Forever the Sickest Kids) played. We all thought they were terrible. After they were done we had a big sigh and thought Wow! I think I might have just lost my hearing.

Now finally it was the big moment. She as in Selena came on. She sang about 15-20 songs and we sung on to almost all of them. The last song was my favorite. It was the song Magic, from the end of Wizards of a Waverly place the movie. Balloons came down at the end of the song. We left and then set home.

We went home, wrote about the concert in our new journals. Then went to bed....woke up to donuts and said goodbye to my friends. Happy Birthday to me!


Thankful for my family!