Sunday, April 11, 2010

Easter Fun!

Over Easter I had a ton of fun, fun, fun!

The first place I went to have an egg hunt for Easter was Omi’s. She has the best hiding spots. When we got there, we cooked some hot dogs and the best hard boiled eggs ever for lunch! I was hungry because I came from my soccer game.

Then, after our tasty treat and maybe a little cookie, we got ready for the biggest hunt of the year 2010! Omi told us all the rules: #1 there are 3 green shiny eggs. Mya, Austin, and I can only get one and no more. #2 there are 3 different color bags - red, blue, and pink. I get red only. Austin gets blue only and Mya gets pink only. Rule #3 play safe and no taking other peoples eggs. Then after Omi was done telling us the rules, someone said go. I was off to find some eggs. I found 5 bags, about 20 eggs, and 1 shiny green egg in all. I found some candy and money too. But what was in that shiny green egg??... I found a note. A note that said find your prize inside the house! Omi said I will take care of that as she ran into the house and a bit later she came out with a tank and army men for Austin, a little sit -n- play chair for Mya, but for me... things from Justice, my most favorite store in the whole world! I got two pairs of Justice flip flops, a beach towel, a cute bag, and a sparkly wallet. I wanted to hug her till I was nine years old. This is truly the best Easter ever!

Omi's Easter hunt was on Saturday. On Sunday, we went to church, ate brunch at the Country club and then went to Grandma's. We also had a hunt there. She puts a lot of money in her eggs so I was very ready for this hunt. After hunting, we go inside to count our goodies. I found $8.79 in my eggs and talk about ALOT of candy!!! I added this money to my bank at home and purchased a Zhu Zhu fun house at CVS, but today I have saved up more money and I am going to buy another Zhu Zhu Pet. I will add more another day about all my Zhu Zhu friends!