Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Mom's new job

I am so exited, so happy, so thinking about some good news! mom learned that it's 100%. My mom is going to be the new science teacher at Johnson Elementary School. She will teach science to kindergarteners through 4th graders. Sometimes I will be to be in her class. Austin and I go to this school. I'm going in 3rd grade and Austin is going into Kindergarden. I've been crazy telling mom and Austin about the school. I love it!!! We are all three dragons now!

Mom is going to love Johnson and so is Austin. Mom said she wanted to go to Star Lab now she gets to run it and all the cool science stuff! Mom and Austin are going to love this cool school, just like me!

As my principal says...."It's a great day to be a dragon!"

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  1. Morgan, it sounds like you are having a wonderful summer!!!! Tell your Mom that I said congratulations on the new job. How fun that will be for all three of you to be in the same school!!!!