Friday, June 25, 2010

Creative Kids

It's Show Time!!!

Characters from Toy Story, "Barbie" Morgan, and "Barbie" with Maggie as "Little Bo Peep"

All week, I have been at a Creative Kids Acting Camp. The camp was Monday - Thursday from noon to three o'clock each day. We practiced for a show called Toy Story. We made a few changes, but it turned out almost like the movie. I voted for the part of Barbie and I got it. There were lots of girls that wanted to be Barbie, so I was one of the three. I was the oldest Barbie in the play. I am going into third grade and the other two Barbies are going into Kindergarten and first grade. If you look at the picture in the middle, that is me with a blonde wig and fancy clothes for Barbie. It looked really cute. The other Barbie girls were dressed fancy too. Some kids had a hard time recognizing me with long hair. I did too, when I looked in the mirror. I had lots of excitement and nervousness running through me on the night of the play. I decided that it was time to stand up and just do it. I had a lot of lines in the play. Mr. McCoy, let us use our scripts since we only had a few days to learn it all. I felt a little better about that, but not perfect. Then, I got on stage and I felt awesome, awesome, awesome! The show was a huge success! I think it was even better than the other two I was in during the school year and I had months to learn those plays. I love Creative Kids and all the cheering from the crowd. I think I will do it next year too!

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