Saturday, June 12, 2010

summer swim party

This summer I decided that I was going to host a swim party at my house. I invited my top 4 girlfriends. Three of them were able to come. Caroline, Sage and Allyson were the three that came. Hope was unable to make it because she was out of town. Even without Hope, I still had an outstanding time. Caroline said that it wasn't as fun without Hope because we all like being together, but still it was a BLAST!

First, we swam for about an hour. Followed with pool games and lots of splashing. My mom was the judge of our jump competiton. As seen, in the picture, we are preparing for a group jump. For lunch, we grilled hot dogs, had cheetos and fruit kbobs. For dessert, my mom made ice cream cone cakes. They were white cake baked inside an ice cream come. We had chocolate icing with rainbow sprinkles. Everyone thought they were divine! Then, we had another huge fun hour of swimming. Then, we sorta got tired of the pool and started swinging on my rope swing. It was fun because Caroline was giving us big pushes. I was trying to show off and do a one hand swing and almost fell off. That would have been a disaster bleeding from the head with friends watching - totally not cool.

Then it was almost time to go. Caroline left first when her mom came. Then Allyson left. Last, we took Sage back to her Spanish school house for the rest of the afternoon. I know it was a fun time and I will never forget it. People reading my blog, I say, goodbye.