Saturday, June 19, 2010

Camp D

Camp D. (Camp Davidson) is where I go every summer. Omi didn’t start it too long ago, maybe one or two years ago… Anyway, she will send us a slip of paper with choices of what we want to do. My camp D. was before Austin’s, so I got first pick. First, Mom and Dad dropped me off at Bass Hall and Omi and I saw Little house on the Prairie. It was fantastic. After that, we went to Omi’s favorite Banes and Noble across the street. I bought Diary of a Wimpy Kid because I love that series. We went to the clerk, paid for the book, went home, made fluffy puffy feather pens, greasy rib dinner, hot hot tub, and night-night, lights out!

Day 2

Ok it’s day 2. BJ’s, incase your wondering, is a restaurant. A good restaurant indeed. We had lunch with Kari and Mya. It was so good, I can’t stand it! I didn’t want to leave! But you know we had to. Kari and Mya left and we walked to our car and drove to the movie theater to see Karate Kid! That is a 4 star film, no kidding. It ran in my head all day. When we got home, my own choice dinner was meatloaf, fresh green beans, and Mac and cheese. After a dinner like that one, we weren’t done. Marble Rollercoaster time with Pops! We take styrofoam pipes, cut them in half, tape them however you want, put a marble at one of the end and it goes! We spent maybe half an hour outside having fun. But again the fun ends at bed time.

Day 3

Today we went to Fort Worth Nature center. We hiked one trail and by the time we got to the 2nd trail, I said, I can’t do it and we went home. I took a nice long shower, and played a game of Yatzee and I made a first family record. I am the first person to get 7 yatzees in the Davidson family in one game.Yes, me, Morgan Davidson! It’s true, I did get 7 yatzees. After a big party for yatzee. I made a stepping stone with a beautiful design and made more fluffy puffy feather pens. But at seven that night, Pops and I set off to the Air Hogs baseball game. We didn’t stay that long, only a little bit. I had a hot dog and Pops had nachos. The Air Hogs where winning when we left. One more game of yatzee and lights out.

Day 4

Today I get picked up by Mom and Dad but I’ve got time. I washed my stepping stone. Then thought we should do some morning shopping! I had a good morning, I got my clothes on and when shopping. Justice is my favorite store so I went there. I bought 3 cute things and met Kari, Mya, Mom, and Austin at the Oasis for lunch. It was good.... sometimes Camp D is all you need.


  1. How fun!! That sounds great Morgan. Sounds like exactly what you needed ;)

  2. Hey Morgan, this is DeDe, your Omi's best friend growing up. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE your blog. You are so talented and creative! Sounds like you had a blast at Camp D! Your Omi talks about you all the time and has so much fun with you. I can see why! Keep up the great blogging!
    -- DeDe (Debbie Darby)