Friday, July 9, 2010

Molly #2

Today I'm typing about something that happened on the fourth of July. It's supposed to be fun, well maybe. Because, well, you're not going to love what I have to say...It's about Molly... okay 1... 2... 3... Molly Died! Well, we think she had a heart attack because 1. two days ago she escaped! When we caught her, her heart might have been beating too fast. 2. Next day, Molly was in the same place all day, not moving in her cage. So maybe she was hurting. That's it and then when we checked on her on the fourth of July, it was like she fell asleep and just never woke-up. Sad but true.

After that, I cried, prayed for her every night, and in memory of her, put a photo of her where her cage used to be in my room. Now instead of racing up stairs each day to see her. I just walk slow to the photo, and say some words. But there's only one thing cool about the day she died. I studied Thomas Jefferson in 2nd grade and he too died on the fourth of July. So cool but not too cool. That's all. That's it. Molly will be missed and I will never... ever be the same.

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  1. Morgan, I have been catching up on your blog. I am so sorry about Molly. That is a tough thing, I know, and I'm so sad to hear that. Hang in there!