Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

Today is Father’s day. I almost forgot to write about it today. I was so busy trying to make the house perfect this morning. Dad mostly makes eggs, and bacon. Well, today mom tried, she stuck cinnamon toast in the oven, and made bacon crunchier the rocks! Just the way we like it.Then mom starting to make the eggs but dad came downstairs early and he took over. After our breakfast, dad opened gifts. First, he opened our card. It said, “Mom picked this out” on the outside and on the inside, you could record a message. We said “Happy father’s day, you’re the best dad, in the whole world… we love you.” Right before the card was done. Austin brought over the 2nd gift.

It was a pot full of popcorn. It was from Julie’s Popcorn and we tried to buy pickle popcorn (dad’s favorite) but they were out, so we bought salt and vinegar instead. Then he looked at his 3rd gift, some clothes and a new swimsuit. After that, mom took some photos and from that point on it’s been a normal day. Austin is off to play golf today with dad, Pops, and Uncle Heikki. Then we are all meeting up for a shrimp boil at Omi and Pop's house. That all I want too share, ok.

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