Friday, June 4, 2010

End of School and awards day!

This year has been such a good year. 2nd Grade Rocks! I have met lots of new friends and had fun times learning. I love my teacher and it makes me want to cry knowing that I am not going to be in her class anymore.

Yesterday was my awards ceremony. Whenever it was my turn, there were lots of feelings going through my body. I thought, I would not get many awards, but actually I did and I was really proud. I got the 2nd grade achievement awards, art excellence award, the ice cream with a cherry on top reading award, and the 6 flags reading award. At the very end of the awards, Ms. Jonston, our counselor, announced a special award. It was the Racheal Challenge award. One child from each class got this. I was nominated by my friend and selected by my teacher for my class! I was excited and shocked. This award means that I show kindness and compassion at school. Other friends in different classes got the award too. We will get to be on the Racheal's Challenge Advisory team as third graders next year. I will love 2nd grade forever. The day after awards, was the last day of school. I was soooooo excited. I had so many thoughts running in my head. It was game day at school. So that was fun. We each brought a game from home. I brought Yahtzee. My best friend Caroline brought Sorry Sliders. My other best friend, Allyson, brought a game that involved poker chips. I did not really get to play that one. It was a great way to end our school year.

Now on to summer fun!


  1. Hi, Morgan!!! Your mom and I went to college together!! Congratulations on all your awards!! Way to go!!!! My daughter, Skylar, just finished 2nd grade! My other daughter, Rylee, just completed Kindergarten. I think this blog is a wonderful idea! I'm so excited to follow you on your journey through life! I am going to have my girls follow your blog with me! By the way, you are going to love having your brother at school with you next year!!! :)

  2. My mom and I are reading this comment. I am glad your girls are going to follow me and I hope they get into blogging and I will follow them. fun stuff!