Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Wet, Rainy Road Trip

This week I have been on a road trip. Or should I say, a wet rainy road trip. That’s right it was raining almost the whole time we were there. That’s not fun at all. I hate it when it rains, and it’s summer. The meaning of summer is go outside, and no school. Well, I can’t go outside during storms. You know what? Let me tell you what I did that was fun.

First, we went to Houston. Dad had a business trip and so we all went along. Mom took Austin and I to the Children’s Museum to play. It’s really fun. What you do is get a kids card. Then, you get a job like a chef, serve a customer, and get a fake paycheck. Put your kids card and paycheck in an ATM machine. Then how much the paycheck was worth shows up on your card. Then, you can take money off your card and be a customer.

The second fun thing we did was play at a park that is right across the street from the Hilton Hotel we stay in. But at the park it was so hot. They have an outside trampoline, lots of stuff to climb on and even a water park area. We bought snow cones at the park. I wanted bubblegum but they were sold out, so I got strawberry.

Then the next day, we drove to Corpus Christi, and played on the beach for a while. Due to all the storms that hit the area, alot of seaweed was washed up on the beach, but we enjoyed playing in the sand anyway.Then when we got back to the hotel we watched TV. We went out to dinner and then went back to the hotel. Followed by watching So you think you can Dance in bed. (mom and I love this show - we even went to see the tour one year) After that we went to sleep.

The following day, was back in the car to Houston again. When we got there it was raining. So we went to the indoor pool. But this is not a normal pool. It’s a pool with a wall. But if you swim under the wall you're in a outdoor pool. Austin and I had fun swimming in the outdoor pool when it stopped raining, while mom was in the hot tub. We played there all day mostly. Then went up to our room to sleep. Tomorrow it’s on the rainy road home.

I never knew that summer could be so rainy!

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