Friday, July 9, 2010

A Day with Sage

Last Monday I was just watching TV when my friend Sage called asking to see if I could come over. So I did. Sage picked me up and it was off to her house. Wait. Let's pause right there. You might not know who Sage is. Well you're in luck. This is picture of me and Sage from my swim party!

Sage told me that she had two surprises that she got for her birthday. She said one was a guitar but didn't tell me the next one. When I got to her house I rushed to her room and I saw a flat screen TV. wow! She also told me that she had to move her gerbil cage in the bathroom so her TV could fit. So we played, then had lunch. Then, played some more and watched a movie. After that, we drove to the lake. We swam and hung out with her mom. Then, we went home and we had dinner. We ate burgers. After that, we played some more. Then mom and dad picked me up and told me that we were heading out of town. That's called only one thing, a day with Sage. Now off for more adventures with my family. Dad needs to go to Houston for work, so we are going too. I love going to Houston, staying at hotels, swimming and we are going to go to Corpus Christi Beach while we are there.

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