Friday, July 16, 2010

My Famous Delicious Doggie Delights

I may have mentioned to you that I have a little business called Delicious Doggie Delights. It is when I make homemade doggie treats with all natural ingredients. I started my business on Valentines day and used a heart cookie cutter, but I just found a big and little dog bone cutter that I am using now.

I sell my dog treats to relatives, family, friends and neighbors. The dog next door, Gracie, is my best customer. They place an order almost every two weeks. The dog treats cost $3 for one dozen. Most people order two dozen at a time.

My dogs, Tyson and Harley love them. When ever I go to the refrigerator, Harley jumps on my thighs, thinking that I am getting out the treats, but sometimes treats have to wait.

Blogs are important to me, but dogs and giving them treats, might be a little more important!

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