Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Meramec Caverns

In second grade, we studied caves. Everyone studies a different cave. I chose Meramec Caverns in Missouri because....oh well, you will find out later.

Last week, we traveled to Missouri and visited the Caverns. It was cool to see the famous formations that I studied. Some of the formations include, The Wine Table, Hollywood, and the most famous, the Stage Curtain. I also learned about a new formation called "The Mother in Laws tongue" because of it's evil look. Another new things I learned is that the 3rd largest stalagmite was located in these caverns. It was so big they actually had to cut a little off the top!

I was really excited to see the Stage Curtain. It was bigger than I ever imagined, even in my dreams. We went to the biggest room in the cave and saw it, but it was still three more layers high, but we did not see those. We sat down and our tour guide did a light show to music onto the formation. There was really cool history to know that there is a platform and in the 1940's, a singer got to perform there singing the National Anthem. WOW!

Alot of people in my class probably did not see their cave study in person, but I did and now you know it.

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