Monday, December 13, 2010


I’m sad to say but yesterday I threw-up everywhere. And don’t say this is fun because I’m 100% sure it is not! I was going to go over to my friend Allyson’s but I had to stay upstairs while my mom had a dinner party downstairs for all the kindergarten teachers. So nobody could take care of me! Mom would come up and check and Only Austin was upstairs but he was not helping my problem. I don’t know what I have, which makes it harder. I had to stay home from school today because… Number 1 Mom told me I had to and number 2 my alarm clock did not go off so I slept in till 8 o’clock. I have been watching movies like Toy Story 3 and Furry Vengeances. And some shows like Fish Hooks on demand. And I have been working on the slide show named Donuts. I have not thrown up today so that is a good sign. But what really stinks is book club is today and I might miss it or I might not. We will have to see…


  1. Attention! We are having it on Friday.

  2. Maybe, my cousin might be born.