Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas #2

Last night was Christmas Eve. We went over to my grandma’s (a.k.a Omi) for dinner. We played fun games like the 12 Texen Days of Christmas (Omi wrote) and our talent show. Omi said we all had to do a talent that had to do with Christmas. I sang I want a Hippopotamus For Christmas. I was so good Omi said. Next we played a game where we pass boxes. In the end we all get a box. My box had 20 dollars in it. Then we had dinner. A fancy meal with steak and lobster to dip in butter. It was so good and so flawless I thought I could not have dessert. But well… I did. Pops said his Twas’ the night of 2010. Then we opened presents. I got new clothes and pjs, Kids Bop 18 with dance moves, Wipeout for DS, Grow your own crystals, lip bomb, and much more. It’s almost time for Santa to come I better get home.

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