Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Readers Theater In Mr. McCoy’s Class

My Side of the Story!

Today we performed a couple of plays in Mr. McCoy’s class. We have been working on the plays for about a week. Alex, Harry, Preston, Noah, Conor, and I were in a group. We did a play called School Lunches. It was hard because I was the only girl in the group and there were 3 girl parts. I chose to be Gemma, and we turned Mrs. Figgie into Mr. Figgie, and Louise into Lois. Noah was Bob, Alex was Lois, Harry was Mr. Figgie, Conor was the magic lunchbox, and Preston was Tim. Our play was a big success! The crowd roared with laughter and cheers. We used a lunchbox as a prop and Conor hid behind the file cabinet and was just the voice. And the room was our settings! We used the four computer chairs as the chairs for the classroom, and the front we used the chairs up their. Now I will tell you a short version of it and backstage pass to the characters.

About Us!

Mr. Figgie-

Mr. Figgie is a mean lunch lady (or man) who wants to make all the food taste nasty. He will say a big line all about his plan of making it terrible. He laughs a lot in a mean tone. He wants all the children to suffer the terrible taste of the food. Mostly nobody brings there lunch from home. The only person in the story who really who brings there lunch from home is Bob. Nobody really knows why Mr. Figgie is so mean.


A big laugh I will tell you that. Bob is really a robot who acts like a kid and goes to school. He brings his lunch from home. And Bob is a character we made up because we did not have enough characters for six people. Bob has very few lines because of the time we had. But when Bob does say something the crowd laughs their heads off. Bob has a talent of being funny.

Magic Lunchbox-

The magic lunchbox or Magic Food Machine is the character who saves them all. Now he is not a character he is a lunchbox that speaks. If you put food in it’s mouth and think of something tasty your food will taste just like it. We used Noah’s lunchbox as our Magic Food Machine so it looked like it was really talking. The lunchbox goes from school to school in search of bad food. The Magic Food Machine’s main goal is to help.


This is who I played. Gemma is described as Can Not put up with bad food and Gemma’s lines are just like that. Gemma is the first one to find the lunchbox I think because she says “Look at that little lunchbox it glows!” and that is the first line spoken about the lunchbox. Gemma does mostly the first line in the start of every scene. Gemma was really fun playing. And when I do her I feel like I’m Morgan with a different name.


Lois is someone who wants to never give up and put a stop to Mr. Figgie. This is a random thing but I think Lois wants a grilled cheese sandwich not grey slop. He is a fun guy to hang out with and really tries hard. Lois came from Louise which was the original name.

Last but not least Tim-

Tim is good at solving problems just like ours with Mr. Figgie. This is also random but I think Tim looks like a sports guy on the script. Tim was the original name and we did not change it. If I looked at them I think Tim and Lois look like close friends. And Bob and I walk up and say “Hey we got the same problem let’s sort this out.” Tim wanted to be Australian so he made an accent and did pretty well with it.

We all had fun with School Lunches and the parts we got!

The Short Story

This is the story in short version. Tim, Bob, Gemma, and Lois have a problem Mr. Figgie’s lunch is horrible! And Mr. Figgie doesn’t even care! They all try to enjoy the grey slop but they just can’t. The next day they find a small lunchbox or the Magic Food Machine. He speaks! He speaks! Tim puts he food in his mouth and thinks about a good chocolate cake and the food tastes just like it! Mr. Figgie finds out and takes it away. But they still eat the slop and it still tastes like it if you think about it! Mr. Figgie is so upset he quits and finds another school. Sadly the lunchbox leave too to help the children at the new school. He promises the principal will get a good lunch lady to work at the school. He gives them goodbye cake and sets off on a new adventure. The end

That was the short version of the story!

Thank you for reading the backstage pass to School Lunches!

Preformed by Alex, Noah, Conor, Harry, Preston, and Morgan

Sponsored by Just For Kids!

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