Thursday, December 2, 2010

Birthday Magic

Friday, I had a sleepover party for my birthday. Caroline, Sage, and Allyson all arrived at 4:00 to start pumping the party. We made some foamy journals first. Then we played a game where you toss all the presents around in a circle, we all opened our presents at the end and it turns out we all got the same CD. Mom and Dad let me open their present next. I opened it up and I saw 5 Selena Gomez concert tickets for that night. My mom asked if we wanted to go and of course we all said “yes” We had our dinner and ice-cream cake. Then set off to the concert.

At the concert

There we were sitting in seat 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 of row CCC. We were trying to get our text Happy Birthday Morganon the big screen. First 2 bands called The Sickest Kids and FTSK (Forever the Sickest Kids) played. We all thought they were terrible. After they were done we had a big sigh and thought Wow! I think I might have just lost my hearing.

Now finally it was the big moment. She as in Selena came on. She sang about 15-20 songs and we sung on to almost all of them. The last song was my favorite. It was the song Magic, from the end of Wizards of a Waverly place the movie. Balloons came down at the end of the song. We left and then set home.

We went home, wrote about the concert in our new journals. Then went to bed....woke up to donuts and said goodbye to my friends. Happy Birthday to me!

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