Saturday, December 4, 2010

My Elf is Back

The day before my birthday my elf on the shelf came back from the North Pole. My elf on the shelf is named Elfy, not that I want him to be named that, but my brother got there earlier then me and he picked it. Now I’m just thinking Is Austin on the naughty list because that’s totally unfair! How it works is Elfy hides somewhere different every day and records if you are naughty or nice. Today Elfy is hiding up above my mom’s desk. Me and Austin wrote our wish list and put it a safe distance away. And why a safe distance away? Because if you touch a elf on the shelf your elf will lose some magic and not tell Santa how good or bad you have been. But you can talk to him or her just don’t touch him, understand? Well good because that’s all I know. And that’s that!

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