Sunday, October 3, 2010

Snow White Comes to Town

Today we went to see Snow White the Musical. It was so cute! But I have to say, it was a short play. No intermission at all! And I can remember it all in my head right now! I thought it was nothing like the movie I have seen before. This one did not have forest animals. After the musical, I went to the gift shop and got a sparkly apple and 2 packs of Halloween silly bandz. But it was a kid rated thing and I’m an adult picture kind of girl. So it was good. I would give it a three, four, or five star rate somewhere in the middle. I’m really into Broadway pictures, so stay tuned because it’s almost Christmas! Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho! Can you guess what I might see next at Casa??

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  1. I JUST found out last night that I know TWO people in that. I know the Prince AND the wicked queen. Cara (the witch) said her little girl went to see it and afterwards said "Mommy... I never knew you could be so mean!" I will bring a picture tomorrow. She is really pretty NOT a witch at all!