Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Daisies in the Dull, Bugs up My Nose, Jogging 4 Life

Yesterday and the day before, we have been jogging. We are training for Jogging 4 Johnson. That’s where we can raise money for the school. After the run, we can take it easy and have a blast at the school carnival. This year I am going to run the 5k with my dad, it’s about 13 quarters of a mile. So 3.1 miles! Mom and Austin are running the 1 mile.

So... we were jogging along last night, then this big bug just went in my nose, AHHHHH! It finely noticed this is not a place to nap, so it flew out EWWW! We got back to our house fifteen or so minutes later. After running our neighborhood block twice, we saw a beautiful site. A patched spot, but the middle was all green and growing fine. Well, the green spot had little daisies on it. It was perfect to see after the sickness of a big bug up my nose. So I went in and took a bath with reading time. You can read that post under this one!

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