Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Swinging, Singing in the Rainbow Rain

Tonight I was swinging in the crisp air. Back and forth legs crossed. Minding my own business. Then I forgot, “Hey, I forgot to do my favorite thing on a swing.” I tilted my head barley back, twisted the swing up, held my feet as hard as could on the ground, Tilted my head all the way… and let go. I swung and swung again and again on my favorite swing. Suddenly it started to rain I didn’t notice. Around and around, drizzling in pools, trees swaying back and forth, like I did a while ago. The mist and wind blowing on my calm face. Then the swing stopped. I rolled my head up. It took a minute to notice that the rain had stopped. It had felt like an hour, only it happened so fast. I looked at a tree, then the pool, next the garden, then the sky. Wait a minute! Is that a rainbow? I focused my eyes, yes it was. A fragile rainbow just sitting there. I went to tell mom. She took some pictures. I went back to the swings and swung again. I don’t know if you can, but I wished on the rainbow, and I hope it comes true!

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