Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Fluffy, Puffy, Purple Scarf

Today I was so bored. I mean nothing to do inside and nothing to do outside. First, my soccer game was canceled because it was raining. I went upstairs to read a book. It took about 30 minutes to finish, and I still have a whole day to do something. I went to watch TV, but “nothing good on.” I went back up stairs and posted My Room that is under this post. It took about an hour or so. But again it’s still morning, a whole day to do. I went into my closet “Hey my old knitting machine! (I got this from my Grandma for my birthday) I know I’ll make a scarf!” I took out some yarn, purple yarn. And got to work, we read the instructions, and got the point. I knitted and knitted until a scarf came out! Now I’m wearing it around my neck! I love it! Thank you, Grandma

My first finished project. Love my scarf and my sewing machine!


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  2. i love that scarf!can you make one for me?

  3. 3 comment is maggies