Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Recycle Everywhere!

Today our class recycled at Johnson Elementary. It’s simple. You take paper and drop it in a cardboard box, and you drop water bottles and metal can in a blue container. You dump the blue container things in a box in the hall,but guess where the paper goes!

We take the kindergarten, first grade, office, and special teachers bins outside and Mr. McCoy dump them in a huge metal box. Today My friends and I got to go down to kindergarten and pick up bins.

I got to go to my mom’s class and my friends got the others. I got the bin, and walked it out to the big bin. Mom had a lot of paper, so it was tricky. When I finally got there, I took some big breaths. Then walked back to mom’s room and set it outside her door. I got back in my seat took a big breath, and a lot of water. Recycling is hard, or maybe it’s just my mom’s bin!

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