Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Break 2010

I am so sorry that I could not get on my blog because I was on Spring Break having a blast! My family took a seven day road trip and got to travel through 4 different states. We started at home in Texas and went to our first stop in New Orleans, Louisiana. After that, we drove through Alabama and Mississippi on our way to Pensicola Beach, Florida. I am happy to add four more states to my travel list. I mark off all the states that I have visited on a USA map in my room. I would love to travel to all 50 states !

First thing first, we went to New Orleans, Lousiana. The food there was so good -talk about a some good shrimp and beignts for breakfast. (that is a powdered donut) One of my favorite things was listening to all the street people play music and walking in Jackson Square. At Jackson Square, we watched silver men dance all over the place, mimes and living statues galore. Right after that fun time, we got our own portraits done by a local sketch artist! Or as they say it in New Orleans, we got are heads "drawn" on a piece of paper. Good old Southern accents! We also went on a swamp tour and got to hold a baby alligator.

Second thing, We went to Pensacola beach, Florida and played on the beach - a lot of fun finding shells and building sand castles! But guess what happened it was so darn cold we did not go to the beach the next day. So we had a boring time at the hotel, but they did have a giant checker board table and I got pretty good at playing. Lots of strategy to that game. Then we went home on the next day. That was some cool Spring Break!!!

Did you notice me reading, Green Eggs and Ham, in many pictures? That was one of my school spring break projects for my school library.

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