Monday, March 1, 2010

Austin's Loose Tooth

Austin proud of his new pillow to put under his bed for the tooth fairy visit!
The smile before and after:

My brother Austin got a loose tooth and we have been wiggling it for a long time. Just like me when I was little. More like 1 year ago. He was scared like me! Then one day, Austin ate a Ring Pop or what ever they are called. Austin bit into a bright red one and he started to cry and complain his tooth hurt. So we sat down and watched some Spongebob that was on TV. Then Austin calmed down a little. A little bit after that, he asked if I wanted to play new super Mario brothers for Wii I said yes and Austin turned it on to two players. Austin was Mario and I was my favorite player Luigi, the green dude. As we played and played and played Austin said his tooth hurt. I said open up the mouth, so he did, and I felt it. It was wiggling faster than you could say wiggle 2 times! So I said to my dad, I think you should pull it. Well OK said dad. He got a napkin.
Mom got a camera and I just watched and in about 10 times of tying to pull, it came out! Dad said bite down on this napkin to stop the blood. On that very night the tooth fairy came and left Austin a note and 5 dollars. Then, I got a magnifying glass and guess what Austin and I found. It was a trail of fairy dust in Austin’s room! That was pretty cool to see with human eyes. I love when the tooth fairy visits me. Austin’s a pretty lucky brother.

His new smile is pretty cute too!

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