Sunday, February 28, 2010


My pet is a hamster. It is a robo-dwarf hamster. I love to watch her run in her wheel all night. I love her so much! She is brown, white, and black she is so cute. Those dark black eyes are beautiful and the very pink feet and nose are like moonlight at sunset and so nice. Molly is a fast little girl who loves to climb through tubes and her fur is so soft. She eats dry hamster food and fresh water daily. Speaking of daily, Molly gets her very own daily treats. Molly loves them to death, they are made of vitamins, raspberry, and strawberry. Good for a hamster but once my dog, Harley, ate one while we were cleaning Molly’s cage!

Now I think Harley does not like them either. But they are a good treat for Molly. Molly is my 4th pet. I’ve have 2 dogs. You know Harley but have you seen Tyson? I also had a fish named Nemo but he died when I was 3 years old. I had a frog named Foggy but now I just have Molly, my hamster and my two dogs. Now you know all of my pets now and in the past. Now back to Molly her favorite cage toy I made for her is a card board tube and she runs and runs through it. It is really a toilet paper roll, but works great. She just loves it so much. Molly’s favorite place in her cage is her nesting corner she will sleep all day there and I’m not kidding, no way. I just got Molly for Christmas and Santa brought her cage and every thing. Molly changed me for sure.

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