Sunday, February 28, 2010

A kid's Blog

Hi my name is Morgan and this is my blog and my blog only. But you can read it too. This is a blog about my life. I think you will understand because you’re a kid. But if your older and reading, I bet you will understand too because I have great grammar. I am in 2nd

grade, have lots of friends, and I have the best teachers now and in the past Mrs. Chapman, Mrs. Darovec, and Mrs. Schneider are my teachers. Did I say I am eight years old and my birthday is November 29 and my favorite color is light green the color of fresh grass and pretty skies or summer moonlight. And I can’t forget my favorite sport is rocking awesome soccer. You will hear more about me as you read so enjoy my blog!

1 comment:

  1. Morgan,
    I think your blog is fantastic!! You are a great writer, and I just love all of your pictures. Keep up the great work!
    Love, Chelsea