Sunday, November 7, 2010

GrandmaS and goodieS

This week, my parents have been out of town.They went to Arizona. So both my grandmothers took turns taking care of Austin and I. This is my full, detailed, 100% true report:

Today I was going to go to soccer practice but it got rained out. So Omi (The grandma on my dad’s side) came over early so she wouldn’t get caught in traffic. We went out and got some pizza in town square. We came back after we dropped our parents off at the airport. We set our candy out for the candy fairy (She come three days after Halloween) and went to bed.

Today I woke up when my alarm told me. I quickly got dressed and slipped down stairs. The candy fairy did come! She brought me a book (Sisters Grimm 4: Once upon a Crime) and a Sonic toothbrush for kids. I ate my breakfast fast because I was a little slow. I went to school and banked $1.00 total. I had a good day at school and passed the fives. The day was over and grandma (The grandma on my mom’s side) picked Austin and I up.

Today we woke up with Grandma at our side. We ate breakfast the same routine. Then after school I went back to school for Creative Kids. (It’s a play that Mr. McCoy directs) I am Repunzel’s best friend. So we rehearse the play at 3:45 to 4:45 and then our parents pick us up. I did that and then finished the book Sisters Grimm 3: The Problem Child. We went out to dinner at Chick-full-A (it was the fun raiser night) and ate a dinner full of chicken I tell you. I saw Samantha, Natalie, and Catalan there too. We ate together and I had to leave. But I got a good night sleep to pass my spelling test.

Today my parents come home! (But very late) I am ready for the test, Grandma gave me a quick one just in case. We had the same breakfast again! I watched TV but only Spongebob Squarepants was on so I was super lazy. I got dressed just in time to go to school. We had one test to anther. I passed my spelling test though! We had a free time after that for 15-30 minutes. Jordan, Drew, Sage and I told funny stories and Drew was laughing her head off. I went home a few minutes later. We went out again, and got some Burger King to eat. I got a small, plush Giraffe with my meal. I went home, got a homemade cookie Omi made, and got in bed to start a bluebonnet book called 11 Birthdays. (24 points doubled) I went to sleep but woke up again at 11:00. Mom was there so I gave her a warm welcome back. I went back to sleep, and woke up late this morning.

So that’s my true, funny, smart, detailed, 100% true report.

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